As a rule, I haven’t posted many things from my books on my blog. I’d rather you be able to read it in my book some day!

But alas, good friend Jennifer twisted my arm.

And… just so you know, this is probably one of my most favorite parts of my book. Okay, there are a few other things I like even more, but this one is near and dear to my heart.

Jenny’s brownie recipe (by way of an e-mail to Jack who asked for the recipe)

Jack, thanks again for calling tonight. You caught me off guard,
but I enjoyed talking with you again. Looking forward to next Saturday night. The chicken casserole is a recipe I found online, so I’m including the link in this e-mail. Below is the recipe for the brownies. It’s important that you follow it step by step, and not mix up the order or anything. Otherwise they just won’t turn out right.
1.) Go to the grocery store and find the aisle with baking supplies.
2.) Find a Betty Crocker Brownie Mix and purchase it.
3.) Go home.
4.) Open the box.
5.) Follow directions on the back of the box (but add a pinch more oil than they ask for, and a pinch less water…)
6.) Put brownies in the oven and set the timer for ten minutes LESS than instructed.
7.) Viola! You should have perfectly made brownies! Wait five minutes, pour yourself a glass of milk, and enjoy.

There you have it. My famous recipe!
Have a good night, Jack.
In Jesus love,



  1. Hilarious!!! Can't wait to read your books. So hurry up and get them all polished and ready to pitch at the ACFW conference! 🙂

  2. LOL! And I was expecting some big reveal! If you add a little caramel syrup on top after they're baked, it's quite tasty.

  3. that had me laughing – and craving half-baked brownies…those are the very best kind!!

  4. So funny! I really want to read more! Great job.

  5. I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! Do I know my KP or what? 🙂

  6. I recently had someone review my book so he would be able to give me a quote for the back cover. He had wonderful things to say about the book, but I had to laugh when he told me his favorite part. He said the best part was that I was able to encorporate a St. Louis specialty into a scene: the gooey butter cake (if you've never tried one, you have no idea of the yummy deliciousness you're missing!)

  7. Woo-hoo! thanks 🙂 I really want to read your stuff. praying for the Lord to orchestrate all things to get you published!

    Suzanne, gooey butter cake is amazing! Krista, Joy Steorts makes that for practically every pot luck. It's so incredible.

  8. Jody, I'm hurrying. As fast as I can and still having it be good:-)

    Carol, ohhhh, you said the C word. You are SO right. Caramel makes EVERYTHING better. Hmmm… I'm brainstorming a caramel sandwich.

    Katie… half-baked my foot. Have you ever made box brownies and cooked them the full time? Hard as a rock I say! Mine are baked to PERFECTION and still chewy gooey inside. The box… overbakes!

    Cindy, thanks:-)

    Val! You DO know your KP. (Just like I know you hate me calling you val… aren't I mean?!?)

    Suzanne, ohhhhh, butter cake. My thighs just grew an inch thinking about it!

    Jen, uh yeah, you need to steel the recipe for me, kay? Thanks;-)And prayers are appreciated!!!! God knows:-)

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