Every once in a while, I take a stock of my blog. Stats, followers, email subscribers, etc. Partly because I’m a numbers person. Partly because I blog to share life with people, and it’s nice to see how many people that is (and if the number does down a lot, know that I’m obviously boring people and need to step it up a notch!) And partly because my blog is part of my “platform” as a writer, and putting on my business hat, knowing your numbers and trends is important!

One thing I like to look at are the search terms people have used and subsequently clicked on to get to my blog.

I thought I’d share a few interesting ones that made me chuckle (or sometimes frown…):

“does god love me if I’m homely?”

(Krista’s note: Yes. Yes he does! He also loves you when you pack on pounds due to your over love of all things Dr Pepper and brownies. SO THANKFUL for this!!!)

“i am 15 she is 26”

(Krista’s note: This one is sad. My answer is…. You don’t want that. I promise! Just say no then tell your parents!)

“really swollen feet”

(Krista’s note: This obviously linked to one of my posts while pregnant!)

“monkey bar ticking”

(Krista’s note: I have no clue on this one. If it is something suggestive, I apologize. It just sounds like something I’d do to my daughter to make her giggle, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t blog about it. But who knows, I blog some weird things at times!)

“why women watch bachelor”

(Krista’s note: Because we are a little coo-coo obviously. And much of the time it’s to poke fun at them. #honesty)

“what makes a romance novel”

(Krista’s note: Hero + heroine + conflict + good kisses + making up at the end + HEA = Romance novel. You’re welcome!)

“god please give me my love back photos”

(Krista’s note: I didn’t know there were pictures of God giving you your love back, but who knows, you can find a LOT on Google.)


(Krista’s note: Funny. I had blogged about this word that my kids made up. They designated a day to celebrate the color purple and called it flirburt. So I was super surpised to see this come up, since it was a pretend word. But I googled it myself to see, and funny thing. Evidently some people use this word for what our family calls a “Zirburt”… or that funny thing you do to a baby’s belly when you blow on it to make a crazy noise. Never heard it called a flirburt before. Huh.)

“hairstyle 80’s nurses”

(Krista’s note: HA HA HA HA! Big bangs and teased hair. I’m fairly certain that nurses were cursed with them too!)

“pitiful women faces”

(Krista’s note: They’ve come to the right place….)

Discussion: Have you ever put in any fun Google searches that you were like, “Huh, someone is going to see this on their analytics and wondering… what in the world??”



  1. You made me curious, so I had to go in and check my stats page. Here are some of the top search terms/phrases:

    "women never been kissed in her 30s"; "do christian men appreciate a woman who has never been kissed"; "how many are like me who have never been kissed at 40" (I think I need to update my Thirtysomething and Never Been Kissed post now that I'm Fortysomething)

    "steel magnolias quotes" (a Fun Friday post a few years ago)

    "turning 40"; "good things about turning 40"; "funny things about turning 40"; "positive things about turning 40"; (my Top 40 Things about Turning 40 post)

    "parts of a ship" (from a Ransome background/research post)

    "romantic plot"; "romance novel story structure"; "what tense are romance novels written in" (Writing the Romance Novel, anyone?)

    "caveman romance novel" (no, not because I write romance novels about cavemen!)

    "the big valley fanfiction" (I think someone mentioned in a comment once that she writes this???)

    "removal of screw tibia fracture" (fun times, fun times)

    "books where the heroine is plus size and the hero is hot" (um . . . yeah)

    "i am so plain" (aww, that makes me sad that someone would be googling that, and I hope they found something positive and encouraging when they clicked through onto my site)

    And probably my favorite: "words for thank you to dog judge" (I guess for my post about writing thank-you notes to writing-contest judges?)

    1. FUN Kaye!! My "top" ones were all boring and normal… "Krista Phillip's Blog" "Reflections by Krista" "Annabelle Heart transplant" (not that that last one is boring but just appropriate!)

  2. I found your blog through another mom's blog who whose son had a heart condition and he passed away. I really love your blog and appreciate that you blog from a very real and honest place!

    1. Thanks Jessica!! Glad you enjoy it!!!

  3. I found your blog from clicking on a reply you made on Matt Hammit's blog for Bowen after Bowen was born. (The baby pic you had of Annabelle was adorable.) Since I am a HLHS Mom, I was hoping to connect with other HLHS families.

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