I think Wednesday’s are my favorite blog day now!

I will be the first to admit that I’ve gone through a major dry spell in the last year regarding my Bible reading. I’ve been focused so much on my writing, on my job and on my family that it just slid.

None of those are a valid excuse though, and God, is his awesome forgiveness, has been tapping on my thick skull and pointing to the black book on my night stand and say, “Uh, hey girl, remember this??”

Which is really cool because at church our pastor has been going through a series on God’s word and how important it is to be in his word daily. God’s word is life-changing. It’s empowering. It’s a bestseller for tons of reason. What other book brings peace at the same time as conviction? Brings laughter and tears? Combines war, famine, sex, marriage, divorce, time travel, what they probably thought at the time was sci-fi, history, romance, money management, young adult, children’s, and “what to expect when you’re expecting… and crap you never even had sex!”


So, I am picking a very short verse for today. Hubby and I finished James and are now at the end of I John.

The last verse in chapter 5 made me stop and think when I read it.

1 John 5: 21 NLT

“Dear children, keep away from anything that might take God’s place in your hearts.”

And how much did I need to hear that! Our writing is so important, but it can’t take God’s place, and if we let it take over our lives and interrupt our time with God, then He won’t bless it. The same with our family, our job, and even *gasp* our church.

Which leads me to another topic. I was laying in bed the other night and I had a great idea for a book. It’s, hold on to your seat, non-fiction. I am a self-professed novelist and I am not a huge reader of non-fiction, but my heart leaped at the thought of writing this book. I’m purely in the praying stages, because as I’ve said before, I have so many ‘pots on the stove’ that I don’t want to add something that will take away from my time with God, but I don’t want to be disobedient either.

Oh, and IF I decide to write this book, I’ll be sure to make my chapter titles and outline and proposal FIRST. I’ve read Terry Whalin’s blog a few too many times not to! *grin*



  1. Oh, you nailed it, girl! That verse is spot on. AND, I’ve proven it.

    A long time ago, I wanted to be a professional inline speedskater. I got a coach, trained like a maniac, everything. I did EVERYTHING right, according to my coach, but I wasn’t winning. I was getting injured. I was failing, miserably.

    But WHY? I was in the best shape of my life, strong, fast, etc. I just couldn’t make it.

    Well, it took God hitting me over the head with a padded 2×4 for me to wake up and smell the coffee….HE wasn’t involved with my training.

    I skipped church, spent less time with family, gave up things, alienated friends (who weren’t speed skaters)…the list can go on, but you get my drift.

    God must be FIRST in all we do.

    Skating took God’s place in my heart and I know, now, that’s why I didn’t succeed.

    What a great verse today, Krista!

  2. Great thoughts, Krista!

    And good luck on your non-fic. That’s quite an undertaking.

    I’ve thought about writing non-fic, and there are a couple of topics I’m pretty passionate about, but I don’t have an entire book’s worth of passion for any of them.

    Best wishes on that!

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