Do you ever feel like you are wearing a cape and pretending to be like Wonder Woman?

“Need that done? No problem! **insert name** to the rescue!”

“I’m here to serve!”

“What? Need help blowing your nose? Wonder Mommy, er, Woman to the rescue!”

You feel expected to be everything for everybody everytime and dad gum it, you feel like a failure when you drop the ball. No matter that you were juggleing about 30 balls at the same time with your 2 hands…

So here is my struggle:

Where is the breaking point? Every one of those balls need to be juggled. I have to do my job well otherwise 1.) I’ll get fired and won’t be able to pay the bills and 2.) Tons of people might go without paychecks which is very much not ok. And my job comes with tons of balls to juggle all the time. It’s stressful, but at some level I enjoy the challenge and exhileration of the accomplishment.

More important than my job though is my family, which consists of 3 little girls who ALL need Mommy’s time, attention, love, help, and tons of other things. There are noses (and sometimes bottoms, yuck!)to wipe, feelings to mend, rules to be made, fun to be had, clothes to be cleaned, the list goes on and on. My family also consists of course of my husband, who is in need of his wife as well to be his helpmate, his lover, his friend, basically his other half.

And, more important than all of those is God. He needs, wants and deserves my time, my love, my devotion, my adoration, my praise, my worship, my obedience. And I NEED to give these things to him because the act of doing so renews my own spirit to help with all the before mentioned tasks.

And then on top of all of this is everything else: my extended family, my friends, my house, my dog, my writing, my blogging.

SO I’m sitting here, wanting to be this Super Wonder Woman and giving it my very very best, but feeling so very much like a failure when I look around and see all the things I’m dropping the ball on. This is my tough time of year. Work is always crazy, and there are so many other things that demand my time, top it off with a snowstorm that takes up in total almost 4 hours of my time stuck in traffic, it just gets crazy!

My mom and I were talking the other day about this “Wonder Woman” philosophy. Our question was: Is it wrong to try to be Super Wonder Woman? Where is the breaking point, the spot where you’ve gone over the edge of not being just “strong” but being fanatical to the point where you burn out?

It’s probably a rolling target, and different for every woman I’m sure. But I’d love to get everyone’s opinions on this as well!



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  2. Oh Lynn, you beat me to the punch!

    Krista, great post! Amy Grant’s song *Hats* was about this struggle, I think. I pray every morning that God will help me get everything done that needs to, but have to watch out to not get tied up in the noisy urgent.

  3. I totally know how that is, and I don’t even work outside my home! There are so many things that need time and attention, and there’s just no way to do them all, so some of them get done half-way or not at all.

    I think the key is just to realize it’s ok to not do them or to do them just half-way sometimes. You do what you can as well as you can, but don’t torture yourself if you can’t get it all done.

    I haven’t blogged in like a week, for many of those same reasons. I had stuff keeping me busy, and my writing/blogging/emailing/facebooking (basically anything computer-related!) got lower-priority status.

    Not that those things aren’t important too, but I had to remind myself that it’s ok to not do everything.

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