I am a wife,
I am a mother.
I am a sister,
I am a daughter.

I am a fighter,
I am a dreamer.
I am a lover,
I am a seeker.

I love to laugh,
I love to smile.
I love to be silly,
Every once in a while.

Sometimes I am clumsy,
Other times I am graceful.
Sometimes I am outrageous,
Other times I am bashful.

I love romance,
I love grace.
I love sweetness,
I love thanks.

I am bold,
I am courageous.
I am passionate,
I am contagious.

I am… a writer.

I have been many things throughout my life. I have been a daughter to my wonderful parents, and a sister to my wonderful sisters and brother. I have been a friend, a mentor, a mentee, and at times even an enemy. Then I became a wife and 13 months later a mother, now 7 years later I am that 4 times over (little Abigail is in heaven with Jesus…). I am a lover of Christ, passionate for my Savior. I have never claimed a career or a passion. I have never claimed to be something other than what I am to the people most dear to me.

But today, I make a declaration. I am not ‘dreaming’ of being a writer. I am not ‘hoping’ to be a writer. Published or not, I am a writer. I may not be perfect, and the Lord Jesus knows I have a long ways to go, but I lay my gifts, my talents, my desires, my dreams at the foot of the cross. I give them to God, to use as He sees fit. Because if there is only one thing in this life that I know without a shadow of a doubt, it is that God knows. He knows everything. God.. knows!