My silly family pre-Annabelle!

I’m working on Q&A’s for different online interviews for blogs and things in preparation for my book launch, and one of the questions asked about how I got started blogging and if it was for an eye to publish books.

To be honest, I couldn’t remember, so I went and looked at my first ever blog post.

I was super creative back then. I titled it “My first post.”


Facebook was new, and I was not a fan. What in the world were walls and why were people asking me to write on them?? MySpace, IMHO, was much cooler. Well, that was my opinion then. Now I don’t even have a way to get INTO my MySpace account because I don’t know my password and the email address I had. I even had to do a search to find my page. ( just for pure fun reference!)

Then I looked at my 2nd blog post, which was almost just as funny. I totally had lost my blog. I’d also had it be a different name back then. Don’t even remember what now.

I thought long and hard about my answer. Why DID I start blogging… besides just to be silly?

The answer was right there in my first post, and really, should be my answer to everything I do.

I wanted to glorify Jesus in my writing. Even on a blog. At the time, I would have been happy if five people read in my blog total.

But God’s brought a few more people than five…

And I’m thankful for EVERY one of you that read my ramblings and Annabelle updates.

Discussion: Has God ever used something that you’ve done to do something you totally didn’t expect???



  1. Ummm, yeah. After my divorce, I had no idea how to date in the big city. (Nashville) I grew up with my first husband. So I got on Yahoo personals just to get accustomed to talking to guys before I started dating again. I wasn't looking to date any of them for real. I sure wasn't looking to marry any of them! But then there was Wade. 🙂

    Oh, and I guess I could count piano lessons when I was a kid. Apparently there is some sort of unwritten rule that small town pastors' wives are supposed to be able to play the piano. God had that one covered. 😀

  2. All the time. And I love the charm of your first two posts. But then I read the third, and laughed out loud, given the events of this week. I didn't realize you'd been blogging so long. Kudos for keeping it up, through rough times and good ones.

    1. HA!!! Yes, I'd reread that one last night too and also thought the irony was oh-so-funny. Obscure chapter in Romans… *sigh*

      I was a closet blogger (pun intended) for a while before I started adding it to my email signature, my super brave way of advertising my blog. HA!

  3. Nice family picture. Your girls look so happy.

  4. Hey girlie! This makes me want to go read my first one. lol
    It's been a long ride, right? I can't wait to read your book! And yes, God totally has surprised me SO many times…

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