So…. this really fun thing happened a few weeks ago.

My first novel, Sandwich with a Side of Romance, became available on AUDIO! How cool is that??

You can now LISTEN to a Sandwich. (And yes, I’m having a kick out of the play on words!)

Want a copy of it on Audio?

Here are a few options:

FREE TRIAL – Audible is GREAT program from Amazon if you’re are (or think you might want to be) an audio book listener! You can sign up for FREE for the first 30 days and get 2 free audio book downloads! After that, it is $14.95 which is a pretty good deal considering the cost of BUYING audio books.

BUY the audio book – You can always say whatever to the subscription and just buy the audio book download for yours to keep… but it is admittedly pricey ($17.46)

Sorry for the purely advertising post… yours truly is knee deep in finishing her next book and was excited to share this bit of info, so there ya go!

(and I put the disclaimer on the side of my site, but just a note… all amazon links in this post–and on my whole site really–are affiliate links. That means I get a wee bit of a advertising kick-back if you buy anything as a result of clicking on a link in my posts. I just wanted to make sure I was upfront about that so no one thought it dishonest! But every little bit helps the ol’ budget so Momma’s gotta do what she can do!! 🙂 :-))

Hope you all have a STELLAR week!

Let’s chat — do you listen to audio books???

I have before and used to LOVE listening to them on my way to work when I had a 45 minute commute, but not on a regular basis. I have a daughter that gets carsick though if she tries to read, so I’m thinking an audio download she can listen to on headphones might be a GREAT option for her!!


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  1. When my family would travel when my brother and I were kids, we would sometimes listen to audio books but as an adult now I can't even remember the last time I listened to one.

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