As promised, today I’ll share a portion of my 2009 goals.

1.) Finish editing LOL
Due: March, 2009
-Critique group has reviewed entire novel
-All critiques have been reviewed and implemented
-Final read through on paper

2.) Finalize proposal for LOL and whole “Cyberlove” series
Due: April, 2009
-Proposal is complete and able to be sent to agents/editors and used at conf

3.) Submit LOL for publication
Due: May, 2009
-Have proposal or query letter sent to at least three editors and ten agents

4.) Complete first draft of Book #2 and beginning editing
Due: June, 2009
-The end is typed!
-Manuscript is minimum of 80k words
-Critique group has begun review

5.) Complete first draft of Book #3
Due: November, 2009 Measurement:
-The end is typed!
-Manuscript is minimum of 80k words

You’ll notice that these goals are all ‘tasks’ or things I specifically want to accomplish, not ‘self-improvements’. I also have a timeline of when I want to complete them, and guidelines to judge if I’ve met my goal.

They are a bit progressive for me and my schedule, but are certainly acheivable if I put my mind to it. I really struggled whether or not to put the finishing of book three down on next year’s goals, but I’ve already started both book 2 and 3 and I have a good idea as to their plot and structure. I also have a few other book ideas that are brewing in the back of my head that I’m anxious to work on, so I’m excited to get these done so I can begin work on those as well.

So, what do you think? Am I shooting too might with my goals or do you think I’ve wimped out (and if you think that, please remember that I do have 3 kids and a full time job… *grin*).

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my “inner” goals, or things I want to improve about myself as a writer.

I’d love to hear any goals that you’ve made for yourself as well!!


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  1. Krista —

    very organized and thought-out! Good luck 🙂

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