Does anyone else remember good Friday night television?

Maybe my family was the only lame one that stayed home on Friday nights and watched TV, but it was something we looked forward to: TGIF!

It consisted of 2 hours, 4 shows, of good family friendly television. It got a little not as family friendly towards the end, maybe that’s why it finally went by the wayside, but after a season of *no TV* (aka I actually had a life and something to do on Friday night… or actually that might have been my exile to MN days too) I clicked on the TV one Friday evening to find NO TGIF.

What a disappointment.

Every once in a while, like this evening, I click on the TV in hopes that it’s revived. No such luck.

These were classic shows like Family Matters, Full-House, Perfect Strangers, Mr. Belvedere, Just the Ten of us, Growing Pains, and Who’s the Boss? I think their downfall was when they introduced Boy meets world (it was o.k.) and Sabrina: the teenage witch (not a favorite of mine, obviously).

Now, when we turn on Friday night TV, we get Wife Swap (seriously?) and Super Nanny (I can’t stand watching people who can’t parent).


So, I’d just like to make an official request for the return of TGIF and family friendly Friday night shows.




  1. I agree with ya on that!! Come back TGIF!!! Whatever happened to family friendly shows PERIOD?

  2. Amen to that!

    But hush. I still like the bachelor. (yes, i understand it’s far from family friendly…)

    Oh, and DWTS starts Monday! Karalynn is so excited!

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