We’re home, and Annabelle is doing well. On 1/8 to 1/4th of a liter of oxygen. We go to clinic today for a follow-up. Will decide if we are going to try to wean her quickly or keep her on a low dose for a while.

Also, please pray for Scott this morning. He has another job interview with an employment agency. The place he was working at last week called him Monday and let him know that the project they were working on was completed, so he won’t go back. To be honest, since I was in the hospital with Annabelle and the kiddos were out of school on fall break, it was a bit of relief. God’s timing is perfect! Anyway, we knew it would be temporary and might only last a week or two, but are thankful for every little bit of work he gets!

We’re praying he finds someplace a little closer, as the last one was a longish drive and almost didn’t make it worth it, and even more important, permanent and full-time!

Annabelle makes me smile today. I woke up to hearing her giggling in her crib. A fantastic sound to this Momma’s ears! Now, after eating some rice cereal with bananas (not Annabelle’s most favorite activity) she is smiling in her high chair, kicking her legs against the seat. Oxygen or no Oxygen, I love her to death, and we will get through this too with Jesus’ help!



  1. Yay!!! So glad you're home and I'll say a prayer for Scott.

  2. I'm glad you're home and that Annabelle is happy. I'm eager for the day you tell us Scott has found a job he enjoys that is close to home. Soon, I hope.

  3. Krista, I know God will provide for you, your family, and your husband! I will say a prayer of gratitude for Annabelle and one for Scott's employment.

    God bless you all!

  4. Glad to hear you're back home! And praise the Lord for giggles. 🙂

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