Backtracked a little today.

Can I just take a moment and say how COOL Romans 12 is? I’ve read it like 4 times over the last two weeks because it is just filled to the brim with such amazing spiritual truths.

Seriously, if you’ve been feeling a little blah and stagnant for a while, go read Romans 12. It’ll give you a nice jumpstart!

Today’s verse – Romans 12:4

I have like 12 verses highlighted and underlined in the chapter, but this one stuck out to me today because it kinda fit the theme of my last two!

I love the last part of that verse, “We all belong to each other.”

As followers of Jesus, we’re ALL members of the body of Christ.

The verses after are great too! Has God given you a gift? (if you doubt, to be sure, YES he has!) USE IT!