Ack! Too much stuff to blog about. I’m sitting here and I have TONS of blogs I want to post, well maybe not tons, but quite a bit. But alas, my time is limited.

So, here’s a sneak preview of the next week’s blogs:

-What book did Krista start last night about 6:00 p.m. and stay up till mid-night just to finish because it was so good? Check back for a review of this kicking awesome book that is a MUST HAVE.

-The latest book review blogger book review (huh?) by me, very cute kids book… another must have for that little girl on your Christmas list!

-Don’t forget Words of Wisdom Wednesday, I have a couple of pretty awesome verses to share, that will be tomorrow!

-Remember our rousing discussion on goals last week? Well, I will post MY rules for goal writing that I’ve developed and will be using for my personal/work/writing goals for 2009!

-Pictures and report from the FIRST EVER Middle Tennessee Christian Writer’s Book signing!

So… I know what you are thinking. You are telling us what you’re GOING to blog about, but what the heck are you blogging about today?

The Biggest Loser.

That’s right. Tonight was the finale! Michelle won, WOOHOO!!! I was so voting for her, although I know Vicki is a fellow Super Wonder Woman like myself so I would have been OK with her win as well. I don’t’ know why I don’t vote for the men to win, I guess just a bit of female chauvinism or something!

Does anyone else watch the Biggest Loser? I don’t watch all the shows, just because I am trying to severely limit my TV time, but I try to catch them when it’s on. I guess deep down I am hoping for it to motivate me to get off my bum and lose this weight! What is really sad is some of those women who looked AWESOME weighed more at the finale than I did when I got married 9 1/2 years ago. And at that time I thought my stomach was too big and was trying to still loose weight (I was like 135-140 then).

Shoot, at the moment I’d be signing the hallelujah chorus if I hit 160. (OK fine, I’d be signing much early than that, but I’m not going so far as to share my weight… suffice to say it’s much more than 160!)

I did pick up my hand weights during one of the commercials and do that for about 5 minutes. But I doubt that negates my brownie this afternoon and McDonald’s for Lunch. Grr…

So, yes, the biggest loser show motivates me to try, but I need MORE motivation. I need a kick in the butt. Anyone have suggestions?



  1. Ugh, I also forgot. Two lovely people have ‘tagged’ me and I fully plan on cooperating with it! Patience with me please!!!

  2. I don’t watch the Biggest Loser, but I did one of Bob the Trainer’s exercise videos on Monday—and my legs are STILL sore four days later! I’m sure he pushes the contestants harder than that little 20 minute video–I can see how they’re losing 10-15 pounds per week.

  3. I don’t watch Biggest Loser, although I probably should. Maybe get some ideas.

    Looking forward to you next series of blogs!

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