We’ve been talking about stomach surgery for 2 months now. TWO MONTHS I tell ya! It’s been postponed more time than I can count.

And as of right now, tomorrow is the day.

That could change in any minute though.

Annabelle has been running low-grade fevers off and on, with a few high ones thrown in the mix, for the last 4 days. They’ve run cultures twice and nothing has grown or looked out of the normal. However, if there is an infection trying to grow somewhere in there, we do NOT want to do surgery, so it is a waiting game. One more fever and surgery is off.

BTW, they call a fever here 100.4. She was 100.2 this morning… so in hospital terms, that is not a fever.

We *think* most of her temps are from withdraw from pain meds, but we’ve evened out her dose to help, and still last night she got a fever of 101.2 (came down immediately with Tylenol though…)

As I type, her temp is 100.4… so who knows. Personally, I *think* she might be starting to teethe. She keeps smacking her gums much more than usual and licking her little lips. Until a little bit ago, she’d been having a GREAT COOL day. *sigh*

So, I’ll update in the morning as to if surgery is a go or no-go. Praying it’s a go so we can get it over with. Even as I say that, I’ll admit I’m nervous.

Oh, and we also have to decide if we want to try laprascopic or do an open nissen/gtube (the name of the stomach surgery.) Doing laprascopic is pretty *new* on hypoplast babies… they’ve only done it 5 times at our hospital. However, the recovery time is much shorter and there would be, potentially, much less time back on the ventilator, and less pain for her. All of these things are really big draws. The fact that some doctor’s (except for my surgeon…) think that it’s still not safe is a big scary gulp for this Momma.

We are still undecided (although leaning toward the guinea pig status…) and are going to talk to the heart surgeon in the morning hopefully to get his weigh-in.

All this is provided that we are still DOING the surgery in the morning.

And now, I’m going to curl up with a book and try to nurse my headache away that has plagued me all stupid (er, wonderful) day! I have pictures I could post… but that would take effort and energy that I don’t have right now. I’ll post some tomorrow night (hopefully post surgery!)



  1. Krista–I hope the surgery goes well tomorrow. You will be in my thoughts….

  2. Hi Krista…I came to your blog through baby Bowen and I really enjoy reading about your precious baby. She is in my prayers often! Last April my niece had the nissen. She recovered wonderfully and the surgery worked. After much research they did the "open" nissen. It took just over an hour verses three to four. And it is also MUCH more accurate. They also put a g tube in her belly for the first 6 weeks so that she would not have to much pressure build up in her tummy and "blow" the work they had just done! They were told that she my not be able to throw up, which is a MAJOR down fall to this surgery, for the first 2 years but eventually "outgrow the surgery. I hope this makes since. I pray that all goes great with whatever they do for Annabelle! Much love and prayers to you all! Jessica Scranton

  3. Krista, hoping and praying for surgery tomorrow — and lots of progress toward going home before Christmas.


  4. Keeping your Annabelle close in my prayers tonight, Krista.

  5. Praying for you and your princess today. May the Lord hold you in His hands and comfort you in whatever the day holds in store.

  6. Praying that the surgery can go on and will go well. Daniel had his g/tube (nissen fundiplication) the old way. The surgery took a lot less time than his Norwood and all went well for him. Praying it will be the same for Annabelle no matter which way you decide to do it.

    We will continue to pray.

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