I heard a song on the radio yesterday, and I totally decided that it’d be the theme of my blog today.

And it still will in some later blog….

But then this morning, I lost my keys.

In the great unknown….

And didn’t find out until we were all packed in the car this morning ready to leave for a morning worth of drop offs and appointments.

And another song came to mind…..

My favorite line in the song…

“In the middle of my little mess, I forget out BIG I’m blessed.”


“But I’ve gotta trust You know exactly what You’re doing
Might not be what I would choose
But this the stuff You use”

So this morning… as I’m SO frustrated beyond belief…

I’m counting my blessings.

I have a sweet friend who came to pick up karalynn and her friend and take them to their daycamp.

I have a hubby who took off work and drove home to bring me the spare key.

I have a van to DRIVE to doctor appointments this morning.

I get to go to the park with my kids after the appointments and “play” while we look for keys.

I have a home, with air conditioning, to sit in and cry out my frustrations.

I have four sweet girls that I am BLESSED with that I am BLESSED to take care of.

Yeah, and that’s just a teeny tiny list.

Counting my blessings, and trying not to let the “stuff” get me down. The “stuff” is part of life, and praising God that He can use the stuff to remind us of the sweet blessings in life.

What are YOUR blessings today?



  1. I love that song! I am glad that you found your keys! thats so true though that God uses the little things to teach us. Happy Monday!

  2. I am so blessed to have two wonderful daughters whom I love and who love me, a fantastic husband, a great church family, friends, oh and my car keys! We have an old timey key holder right inside the door, it really helps if you get in the habit of hanging your keys there. Also will keep out of little Annabelle's reach!

  3. In spite of the fact that I lost my husband to cancer almost 2 years ago, I see many blessings in my life. I am blessed to have a good job that worked with me throughout my husband's long illness and was there and waiting after his death. I am thankful that I have a house that is comfy and paid for. I am thankful that I have family to love me and support me. And I am thankful to God for being with me always….never more noticeable than in the trying times. I love reading about your family. Hang in there!

    Linda in Kansas

  4. I thought you might be interested in this little man:

    And in no particular order:
    Blessings: a pool to cool off in during these hot days.
    4 little munchkins to share the pool with
    1 healthy husband who I love so much
    A roof over my head and a running car that we all fit in.
    My little home business is starting to…dare I say…thrive??
    Celebrating 10 years with my husband next Friday!!

    And one of those odd ones…when my baby (14m) wakes up from bedtime or naptime, we stop to look in her mirror to find the "baby." It's a short time but so sweet and I look forward to those fleeting seconds.

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