Five things I regret doing yesterday

  1. Hitting snooze one too many times on my alarm this morning. I love the feature… but it can also be a curse!
  2. Forgetting to pack a lunch. Of course, it means I was REQUIRED to go to Chick-fil-a for lunch. Prego woman can’t starve, ya know!
  3. Not drinking enough water. Had a non-stress test yesterday and had many small contractions during it. Dr says I’m dehydrated which is causing it. So drink up, Krista! Baby needs to GROW and does NOT need to get here early.
  4. Telling my kids I would make brownies after dinner. What was I thinking??
  5. Actually MAKING the brownies and eating, uh, WAY too many. I’m withholding the actual number from you as a matter of pride. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to withhold the number from my scale.

What I’ll regret today: Not throwing my scale in the trash yesterday.

What did YOU do yesterday or today that you regret (or… better said… SHOULD regret!)?



  1. Going to bed too late. I already regret that!

    (note to Krista…throw the scale away! I haven't owned one in several years and it was one of he most liberating things I ever did!)

  2. Brownies have a way of sneaking up on you …:O)

  3. LOLOL…you are so funny! I didn't know doctors did stress tests on pregnant women? Is this because of the high risk factor?

    I regret buying that package of gummy bears that is lurking in my purse and will be eaten this afternoon.

  4. Krista, I know you and brownies, and I know pregnant you and brownies. Let me just ask… did you make more than one box at the same time? LOL!!!

    I regret eating in my bed yesterday (of course that's where I spend all my time) because now there are crumbs in the bed that are driving me BONKERS, and I have to change the sheets. After that, I'll be exhausted and will have to sleep the afternoon away. Ugh. 12 more days. 12 more days.

  5. Yes, why are brownies such a curse? I do the same thing. I wish they were good for you like broccoli. Life isn't easy is it? But Chick Fil A? Everyone deserves to eat there now and again. I'd forget my lunch on purpose a couple times times a week!

  6. Hi Krista –

    Ooo, brownies! I love brownies.

    I regret eating that refrigerated chocolate chip cookie yesterday. The chip broke my tooth. Enter dentist with expensive crown. Ugh.


  7. Katie… throwing the scale away sounds SO liberating… however I WILL have prego weight to lose soon, so I need to keep it otherwise I'll just get huger:-)

    Diane, they do… those sneaky yummy things!

    Sherrinda… it isn't a stress test to see if I am stressed (it would be off the charts, ha!) but to see if baby is under any stress… or maybe better said, duress:-) Basically they hook you up to the external monitors like they do while you are in labor. measures baby heartbeat and contractions.

    and wow.. gummy worms now sound good too.. SHOOT!

    Valerie!! *hugs* girls!!! U know I'm praying for you! Not long now!

    T.Anne… I DO forget my lunch a few days a week… thus the problem:-)

    Susan! A chipped tooth on a chocolate chip, now that IS the pits! SO sorry!!!

  8. I threw my scale away years ago and am not sorry. Just sayin'.

    Happy 4th!

  9. Scheduled appointments the morning after we got back from vacation.

    Great post.


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