It’s a great day!


At work, this phrase is code language for “This day sucks.” Or, sorry Mom, “stinks.”

So, I’m trying to think of a great theme for Tuesday’s, and I think just Terrific Tuesday sounds good.

It’s a good day for a praise report!

My writing is going well. As I noted in my marathon tracker, I finished my line edit half way through the month, yeah! I know it probably still needs one or ten more go throughs, but I feel led to move on. My second and third book are calling my name.

My family went to NC last weekend to throw my mother-in-law a surprise b-day party. She loved it! It was fun to see! On the way home, I started on book three and got 3 chapters done! I am so excited, but I know I need to finish book two before I allow myself to go further. I’m a very linear person and I’m afraid I’ll get confused working on both:-) But, It’s been a year since I started then finished my first book, so it’s fun to be going through the process again!

I don’t understand people who say they LOVE editing. I don’t mind it, but I’d much rather be writing my book. It’s like reading a book. It’s never as much fun the second time:-)

It is nice also to actually know a little of what I’m doing this time. When I started LOL, I was completely green. I nothing of writing book except for what the experience of reading books gave me.

I now have numerous writing friends, have gone to a mentoring retreat as well as ACFW, have read many books on writing, and WOW, I have tons left to learn, but am a heck of a lot better than I was a year ago, Thank God!

Please keep me in your prayers this next few months. This is my busy time at work, as well as my kids schedule, holidays etc. The *smart* thing to do would be to put my writing aside for a while, but I’ve never claimed to be a genius 🙂 I will ration my writing time but not cut it out all together. God knows my heart, and I’m trusting him with my schedule all the way around.

On a separate note, my baby gets her glasses tomorrow! I’ll post cute pictures of her tomorrow!

Any one else have a praise report to share on this Terrific Tuesday??


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  1. I love this theme. I was actually thinking of starting a blog theme of: “Thermal Thursdays”…things that have warmed your heart this week…Haven’t decided yet, though.

    We’re on the same wave-length, Krista!!

    I don’t have a specific praise, other than feeling very blessed. My writing has been going well and I give credit to God whose been filling my head with ideas. All glory to Him.

    Have a great day, Krista.

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