1.) Seriously? Don’t strip and jump into a pool when you are with a bunch of guys and the girl you like. If I have to tell you why this is stupid, then you really don’t deserve a date anyway.

2.) Evidently it IS cool though to strip down to your speedo and jump into the Ocean to impress a girl. Not saying it would work on me (I’m married anyway…) but… evidently it’s cool for some girls. *ahem*

3.) Whereas a woman with a kid sometimes is labeled as having *baggage*, a MAN with a kid stole the hearts of all America. So you single dad’s out there… there’s hope yet.

4.) I know the muscles thing was in yesterday’s list, but it deserves yet another mention. Have you ever seen a scrawny no-muscle dude make it past round one of The Bachelorette? I think not…

5.) Jerks may eek by for a while, but they rarely get the girl in the end.

6.) Girls dig cool cars too sometimes (we just don’t worship them, name them, pet them, or kiss them):-)

7.) Picking up a girl then dropping her on her rear-end? Not a great first date move.

8.) A good dancer always gets a rose.

9.) Um. Drawing a mustache on your dates finger so she can pretend she’s a man? Probably not wise. Just sayin.

10.) Don’t get me wrong. I love a good foot rub. But … don’t obsess about a girl’s feet. It’s weird. Not impressive.


If you can’t tell, it’s “ten things” week here at reflectionsbykrista. I promise to get off the “men” bandwagon tomorrow though and branch out to some more funny areas:-)



  1. Funny! Now I’m really curious to read your books! If I was writing contemp. The Bachelor/Bachelorette would make a good study! I’m pretty sure I don’t need to worry about cool cars and speedos in my historicals! 🙂

  2. Krista, you are hilarious! I bet you write some funny stuff and I will be a great fan some day! (already a fan of your blog…and even gave you an award today on my blog!)

    Now, Jody, medieval men may have not worn speedos, but what is it they DO were underneath those tunics??? And HIS Writers mentions that there were no clothing staying on a person during the night….LOL

  3. Sad to admit I watch BUT so thankful you mentioned #10. I was thinking along the lines of seriel killer…freaking me out!
    ~ Wendy

  4. I shared that with my husband because it was so amusing. Yeah, I watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette though I spend most of my time shaking my head or looking at the tv with a blank expression, going “What….?”

  5. Eeep. My mom watches that show! LOL!

  6. Not a big fan of the show. However, I wasn’t aware of how educational it could be! If I were still single I would make a point to watch with a pen and paper for dating do’s and don’ts. I’d probably start with not dumping my fiance on the last episode though….just saying ;D

    Great Post 😀

  7. LOL about number ten! She had no clue what he was doing…

  8. Jody: A guy speedos in a historical…. I dunno, I think I’d read it just out of curiousity alone!

    Sherrinda: Awwww, THANK YOU! And thanks for the award!!!! Your words were so kind I seriously about cried:-) And hilarious note about medievil… I SO think we should revive that genre!

    Wendy: Yes #10. Seriously the dude creeped me out! Stay away from my feet!

    Cindy: Me too! I watching it more out of the comedy than the romance, although I gotta admit, towards the end I’m always rooting for someone:-)

    Jennifer: LOL!!!! Your mom sounds awesome:-) My mom probably does not watch it, but if she saw the guys without their shirts on I’m betting she might at least flip the channel back for a second peek.

    Marybeth: Yes, MUCH educational value. I try to tell everyone I’m just doing research for my romance novels, but for some reason I get a few speculative glances. Not sure why….

    T.Anne: Oh my gosh, I know! I think the second time though she was like, “Boy, give me back my foot already”

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