*Annabelle update*

She’s doing fabulous! I tried to feed her mashed potatoes last
night. (see picture.) She actually did okay! And she was trying to play
with them just a little too, which she has NOT liked to do in the past.
(Our feeding therapist recommended letting her get her hands in it, then
maybe she would put her finger in her own mouth to taste, to help her
get used to food.)

We go back to clinic on Tuesday, praying for another great
report! We never did get our new formula (and for shame on Momma, I
forgot to call them yesterday! Gr! Will do on Tuesday…)

Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC weekend!!!!!
Super Saturday Savings

One thing I didn’t get to do last year in the fall, since Annabelle was in the hospital, was GARAGE SALE. Consequently, I spent WAY too much money on clothes for her (and yes, I was determined that even hospital bound, she was clothed well, as somehow this made me feel a little better… it was something so *normal* in the midst of a lot of unnormal crud.)

So THIS year… when I am able to (aka when Scott doesn’t work saturday morning) I am rubbing the sleep out of my eyes and hitting the garages!

Because I am one very cheep (I guess money-savy is a better term) Momma!

And given my unemployed status, saving money is even MORE important than ever. And clothes for 4 girls gets EXPENSIVE.

I know, hand-me-downs. But there is over 4 years between Gabby and Annabelle. I’d gotten rid of most of the girl baby clothes a while ago. Next year, I’ll have a little more hand-me-downs for her, but to be honest, most of them have gone through 3 children already, so are getting a little rugged.

Today, I spent a total of $25.00

And this is what I got:

5 shirts (4 were baby gap and 1 was children’s place)
5 jeans (all baby gap)
2 capris (for Karalynn, hoping she’ll wear them!)
5 pairs of winter jammies for Annabelle
3 pairs of shoes (1 striderite, 1 sparkly Keds, and 1 pair for dress shoes for Lacy)
4 pairs of tights
2 pairs of socks
3 stretchy headbands
1 pair of pants
4 outfits (gymboree and baby gap)
1 sweatsuit outfit (baby gap)
2 jackets
1 dress outfit (baby gap)
1 hat with matching gloves
1 book (FOR ME!)

And pretty much everything was in LIKE NEW to excellent condition, too!

Now, some Saturday’s I go out and come back with nothing. But this happened to be a really GOOD saturday, as there were quiet a few places selling stuff in Annabelle’s size. The sizes ranged from 12-18 months (she’s in now) to 18-24 months (I anticipate her being in the later part of the winter.)

So, anyway, that was my morning! That, and my daughter, m-i-l and I went on a walk before hand, too. *yawn* Now, I could use a nap!

Am I the only crazy garage saler out there??



  1. Krista,
    It was so cute to see the picture of Annabelle trying to eat the mashed potatoes. Your therapist was spot-on in telling you to let her play with her food. I know it goes against our grain as moms to allow this but CHD kids often require this. Also, if your therapist hasn't already provided one, there are some vibrating toys that you can use to play with along the outside of their mouths/cheeks that will help stimulate them, too. We'll keep praying for this area for her. Hang in there!

    Now, as far as yard sales, I've been trying to have a one myself and sell some of our things but the timing hasn't been right. One of the big obstacles is that we don't have the ideal location at our home to have one so we always have it at my mom's house. So we have two family's schedules to try to coordinate.

    Also, I've never been one to go yard-sale shopping but I have wanted to do it. Part of my problem is that I'm not a morning person. One of my closest friends is a yard sale pro. Almost every Saturday morning she hits the yard sales with her mom. I guess I need to ask her to take me along some time. She has been wonderful, (along with some other people), to provide us with some of their "finds" or to give us some hand-me-downs! God is sooo good!

    We continue to pray for Annabelle and the rest of your precious family.

  2. How cute to see Annabelle playing with her mashed potatoes. She'll get used to it, playing with food is a great way to learn.

    Here in the Netherlands I never heard of yard sales or garage sales. We do have "street markets", but that's mainly kids selling old toys and old vases of their moms 🙂

    But how wonderful you found so much really nice things!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!!

  3. Hooray for mashed potatoes! She's so cute. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Whoa, That is some serious winnings for $25! I'm not normally a big garage saler, just because they can be so hit or miss, and I'm too lazy to spend the time. (Did I just admit I'm lazy?) 🙂 Once in a while, we check out sales in our neighborhood, and we've loaded up on some awesome toys that way!

  5. I LOVE to garage sale! My entire wardrobe for ACFW will basically be from garage sales. I can't shop retail anymore, I get horrible sticker shock. 😀

  6. It is a huge blessing to come here and read all those good reports! I didn't realize you weren't working now, somehow I thought your husband was unemployed. So happy the baby is doing so good!!!

  7. OH MY! PUHLEASE take me garage sale shopping with you! You have some skills! Annabelle looks so cute with her mashed potato face!!! Much love!


  8. Tammi, she failed the vibrating toy, pushed it away:-) Totally understand timing for garage sales! My sister and I have at least one a year, we alternate houses.

    Riete… street markets sound fun!!!

    Karen… yes, we LOVE our mashed potato faced girl!

    Sarah… they are hit or miss… I find though going in the fall or spring I get the best stuff (it's too hot in middle of the summer here!)

    Casey… I KNEW you were my friend for a reason!

    Terry… Scott has always worked part-time evenings, watched kiddos during the day while I worked. Now that I"m unemployed and Annabelle needs care, he's trying to get a full-time job, as his little part-time job doesn't even close to pay our bills. It's stressful, but we are believing in our MIGHTY God to provide!

    Bonnie… You're on! Although, I'm best at kids stuff, HA! So if you don't have kids, I might not be of much help!!

  9. Krista,
    So sorry to hear she failed the vibrating toy … She'll get there though. I know it has been a longer journey than I can imagine but look how far the girl has come…. 😀

  10. Hi Krista –

    How nice to see Annabelle sitting up in a highchair! She'd adorable.

    Garage/yard sales are great for picking up kids' clothing and toys. If you want to save on groceries and other items, check out websites like Hip2Save and Moneysavingmom.com.

    I notice you've joined Swagbucks. If I can help you get accustomed to the site, please email me. susanjreinhardt AT gmail DOT com

    Susan 🙂

  11. I LOVE TO YARD SALE….but without taking the hubs or kids. We have 5 kids so I don't get to go much but when I do go, I normally get LOTS of clothing cheap. I hate paying store prices for anything.

    Annabelle is a DOLL!!!

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