Sleep (or lack there of)

As I type, it is 12:08 a.m. on Friday morning.

Some may wonder why I am awake at this time of night. I am one of those ‘some’.

You see, I am taking the day off work tomorrow. For this reason, my husband and I were just laying around and thought, let’s watch a movie! So, we decide to do this about 11:00 at night, which is usually my max time for staying up, and both decide that it would be great to have popcorn with our movie. Whoops. Houston, we have a problem! We have no popcorn!

We discuss for a while, and decide it is too late, so let’s just have movie and popcorn night on Saturday. But we then realize this idea is flawed due to the fact that my husband suffers from sundaysleeperitus. This is a disease in which no matter how riveting the speaker/preacher/singer is on Sunday morning, you still fall asleep through most of the entire service, with your wife putting her elbow in your side most of the service as she is humiliated by your head bobbing up and down as you fall in and out of sleep.

So, in order to help the sundaysleeperitus as much as possible, we decided that we would live on the wild side (careful, this gets really extreme). We decided that Scott would make a trip to the store for our favorite popcorn ever!! That would be the movie style popcorn with the pour over butter of course. I can feel my arteries clogging already.

So, this is what we are doing now. My hubby is at the store picking up popcorn and whatever else fits his fancy, while I am at home, laying in my bed…. blogging.. trying desperately not to fall asleep!! I would have horrible guilt if he went all the way to the store just to get home and have his wife asleep. Granted, I know my husband. He would still thrown the popcorn in the microwave and watch the movie and probably finished off the whole bag himself, but I am still trying to be a good wife so we can be ‘rebellious’ together.

I know, I know. We are a couple living on the edge.