Blah Blah Blah

I had such good intentions this week. You know what they say, the road to failure (I’m nicing it up a bit) is paved with good intentions.

Krista’s Skinny Friday Results:

Week: 1 pound fatter
Total Skinny Friday: 5 pounds skinner
Total Weight loss since August, 2010: 16 pounds

 So, when I have a failure of a week, I like to sit back and analyze. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m an analyzer. “Why do I feel like this?” “Why did I act like this?” “Why did I stuff my face full of chocolate?”

It’s just what I do.

Things I did good this week:

  • I drank less pop. I even went to lunch with my sister yesterday and had a water! WIN!
  • I made a valiant effort to count my calories at least three days this week. Up from zero the week before. WIN!
  • I tried to exercise. (See bad part of this below…)

 Thinks I stunk at this week:

  • I went out to lunch yesterday with my sister. A GOOD thing… but I ate almost my whole plate. I counted it up later and it was >1200 calories. Almost my whole daily allotment!
  • I bought chocolate. It was on sale. And it had caramel in it, which is my utter weakness.
  • My exercise that I DID try consisted of doing situps one day. I was once in the habit of doing them daily, on top of doing the WII Fit daily. Granted, it’s not like my life is overflowing with time. But still, I can do more than one set of 20 situps in a week!
  • I sat at my computer WAY too much, with not a lot to show for it. I DID, however, get my preliminary taxes done, which accounted for about half of my computer time. So at least I got SOMETHING accomplished…

So, last week I determined that I needed more self control. The ability to say “no” to bad foods.

This week, I am going to focus on having self-discipline… the ability to say YES to GOOD foods and YES to good exercise.

I am also going to make a concerted effort to be on my computer less. Because let’s face it: Facebook is addicting, my friends. And it burns up pretty close to ZERO calories!!!

Discussion: What will be YOUR focus this next week?

**Oxygen Update** Annabelle HATED her first night on oxygen. Took it off around 2 a.m. and wouldn’t go back to sleep, and wouldn’t let me put it back on her short of having Scott hold her down for me while I taped it around her head… and that wasn’t happening. She did better last night though, so YEAH for that!



  1. 1st: I LOVE reading your blog. I am a PICU nurse in Nebraska and can understand a lot of the medical side of things you have been through with Annabelle! You are such a strong mommy.

    2nd: A mom of one of our heart kiddos developed a neat product for keeping O2 on. (Not sure HOW stubborn Annabelle is, but these sure are cute!)

  2. My focus for next week:
    1. To go to bed earlier (All the good shows come on at 9)
    2. Get up earlier
    3. To cook a warm breakfast for my family (Eat like a King)
    4. Eat an ok lunch (Eat like a princess, I go home for lunch and eat leftovers, mostly)
    5. Eat like a beggar (Eat less at night)
    6. To start walking again, I love to exercise but can not find time!

    My husband has lost 6 pounds, I have lost 2. It is a start. My goal is to lose 10 pounds by the summer and his is around 50 by summer.

    Good luck for the upcoming week; I understand how hard it is. I have officially quit drinking caffeine sodas! If I do drink a soda, it is a diet A & W or Sprite Zero.

  3. I feel your blah-ness. At my weigh-in last night, I had only lost .6 pounds…and only because I took off my hoodie at thelast minute. I blogged about this today…picking myself up off the floor and trying again. It is a daily battle, for sure!

  4. I don't know if tracking things works for you but it does for me and I found a free website that helps you out. it is It is free and gives you great ideas and even workouts. I hve used it and lost 40 lbs in the past and now have lost 9 since starting again.

  5. Krista, temporary setbacks and discouraging days are inevitable. But look at your overall stats and the progress you've made. You can do this! (Do you hear my pompons swishing as I cheer for you?)

  6. Hi Krista, I'm no expert but I thought I'd share what's been working for me. With my new childcare job, I can't turn my back on a 2 & 3 year old for a second! So I've been fitting in workouts. I keep a 5lb medicine ball in the bathroom. When I do get a br break, a shower, or a few extra minutes before they arrive, I try to squeeze in 16-33 reps of whatever lift I feel like doing (I'm working on my chest specifically) and I do that every time I walk into the bathroom and have a little time. I can really feel it in my arms! Also I've started doing sit ups while they sleep and drinking water and smoothies helps a bunch. I've been eating cheap, not healthy for 2wks and already feel icky so I gotta get bk on track with eating but that's how I squeeze in work outs ~ best wishes ~ Lis

  7. Am happy I lost the half pound i gained last week. Focus next week….getting more exercise in the day!

    Sorry about the O2.

  8. At my desk, I have a piece of plexi-glass over the top of it, so what I do is I have printed out varioius exercises that I know I need/want to do and put them between the plexi and the desk so each time I go to the computer, I see them. If the little one I help watch is sleeping and I am in the next room at my puter, I see it and it mocks me if I don't do it, so I get up and do them (at least some, time depending) so that I feel better when I have to look at them. Just a suggestion, it seems to help me.

    Good luck and don't give up! Even some progress (as you pointed out in your good points) is better than none, even if it doesn't show itself yet. Baby steps might seem insignifigant, but in the long run, they are better than giant leaps because leaps can only get smaller while steps can get larger.

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