I have no grand words for you today.

Instead, I have a fever, cough, and a speeding ticket.

Anyone want the speeding ticket? Giving it away to the highest bidder… (HA!)

I got sick Saturday night. Felt fine, but was outside at one point and took a deep breath, and my lungs HURT. Felt like I’d been running in the cold weather, although no running was happening here.

A little later, I still couldn’t shake the yucky feeling. Started to get dizzy and cough. Checked temp. 99.7.

Sunday morning, I was no better. Coughing up stuff that was tinged pink (ew, gross, I know.) Decided to get my uninsured self to the Minute Clinic. I’m usually the one that waits until they’ve endured 3 weeks of misery before finally succumbing and getting checked out. Annabelle has put the fear of germs into me, though.

Nurse Lady had mercy on me and didn’t charge me, but didn’t “see” me either. Said there was nothing she would give me anyway, but because of the bloody crud and the fact that my chest hurt, I should go to urgent care clinic and get a chest xray.

Considering I’d been sick for less than 24 hours, I didn’t really think it could be pnemonia yet. But still, I was sick, tired, and fed up. And was NOT going to pay a billion dollars to the urgent care place to see me.

On the way home, the frustratition of it all got to me. I cried. And I sped down a 35 mile road going 56. (in my defense, there are NO houses on this road, it is completely open… so I wasn’t risking hitting kids.)

Policeman, of course, stopped me. Asked me if everything was okay. I said, no. I’m sick, and I just want to go home. I was still crying at this point, and was afraid he would think I was one of those goofy females that tried to get out of a ticket by crying.

News Flash: Even when you aren’t doing it on purpose, crying doesn’t work. He gave me my ticket, said get better and drive safe, then left.

I, obviously, just cried harder at this. (I really am not a cry-baby… I promise!)

My poor husband had to deal with the basketcase that was me when I got home. I won’t go into detail. I have a little too much pride for that. It wasn’t pretty though.

My biggest fear though is that Annabelle will get sick and end up back in the hospital. All evening, her nose has started to run and she’s coughed off and on. This Momma is worried, needless to say. If i’m having a tough time dealing with this crud, Annabelle and her poor lungs is sure not going to do well.

We have a doctor appointment on Monday (I’m typing this late Sunday night) so at least she will get to be seen by someone to check her out. She’s also had really bad diarrhea all week too. We didn’t take her in, but we did talk to the doctor a few times. I’d tried feeding her baby oatmeal cereal instead of rice for a day or two, and that’s when it started. We changed back, and it’s only gotten a little better.

And so goes the days in the Phillips’ family.

All that said, tonight, instead of 4 little girls, I will have a twin-headed halloween freak (you’ll have to see the picture) a bumble-bee, a butterfly fairy, and a princess ballerina.

If I’m not able to go out (is doubtful at this point) my mother is going to do the honors since Scott has to work and she was coming with us anyway. The princess ballerina may stay here with me, however, if she is at all sick.

Discussion: Instead of discussing my ucky illness (which would no fun at all!)… what’s your pleasure tonight? Trick-or-treat, “fall” party, Passing out candy, church trunk-or-treat, or ignoring the not-so-stellar holiday all together? If your kiddos are dressing up… what will they be? If YOU are dressing up… what will YOU be?

One year, I dressed up as a pink slip. I worked in the payroll department. *I* thought it was funny!



  1. I'm so sorry, Krista. *sigh* I would have cried too. A lot.

    Halloween… Jackson is Indiana Jones, Parker is a policeman, and Simon is Superman. 🙂

    Love ya, chickadee, and I am praying for you!

  2. Booo- I'm so sorry to hear about how you are feeling. Praying that you feel better soon and that it stays away from Annabelle.

    Aly is a garden gnome for Halloween and we are taking her out trick or treating tonight (weather permitting). She's so excited- she's been walking around with her pumpkin saying "twick or tweat" for a week. 🙂

  3. Oh Krista – that's rotten! No fun a all!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I was sick on Halloween once, it's not fun. Praying you receive miraculous healing and none of it gets to Annabelle or anyone in your household or beyond. I think that covers it? I haven't decided on dressing up. My daughter got her long locks cut off and is punk rock all the way, blue hair, mini skirt (over jeggings), she's going to look cute! I'm not sure what my "2nd daughter" will be but I'm going to pick her up and take them both out since they're like sisters. Oh and Penny the pup will be a princess but not as cute as your princess! Can't wait to see pics! Feel better my friend!

  5. First off, I'm sorry you got sick and had a horrible, rotten no-good day. A big hug to you!! As for Halloween? We're handing out candy, I'm delivering my teen her dinner and pantyhose for her play rehearsal, and I'm surprising her with a Halloween goodie bag because this is her last year home with us and I want to enjoy it a bit with her.

    More hugs! Lots of prayers…

  6. Krista, so sorry that you are sick , praying that it doesn't get any worse , and that Annabelle or any of the others get it….

    In our household my 9 yr old is going to be a firefighter and my 1yr old boy is going to be a sock monkey!!

    Praying for you all….

  7. I'm sorry you're feeling so crummy, Krista. I hope you get better soon and that no one else in your family gets The Crud.

    My church held its Harvest Festival last night. For years my family has provided the fishing booth. I love stocking "the pond" and being "the fish." It's such fun to hear the kids' squeals of delight on the other side of the sheets.

  8. Stay strong, Krista. This too shall pass. Lots of happy thoughts are coming your way.

    My dog Cupcake is dressed in her ladybug costume, but Halloween is postponed till Friday in my town. We're in a section of NJ that was hit by the freak snowstorm over the weekend. Trees down, power out, live wires all over, and no traffic lights, so trick or treating would be too dangerous tonight.

    Hang in there.

  9. Praying you all get better soon, Krista!

    I'll be in charge of handing out candy tonight, while my husband carts my little race car driver and zebra around the neighborhood. 🙂

  10. So sorry you are sick. Prayers are coming your way that you get better fast and that the Crud stays away from the rest of your family.
    As for Halloween for me I work in retail and we were allowed to dress up Friday through today so I was the Crazy Cat Lady, a princess, and a black cat complete with face paint, a pink collar and a pink bow on a fuzzy black tail.

  11. Krista,
    I'm so sorry to hear that you're sick and that Annabelle isn't at 100% either. I'll be praying that you are both feeling better soon.

    Our boys dressed up as soldiers. We took them to my mom's neighbor so she could see them and that is where they do their trick-or-treating because we know most of the residents there (and have for years).

  12. I have been in that spot before. Nothing but prayer, tears, and a little time makes it better…with a side of HUG of course. 🙁 I am praying you guys are better soon and that Annabelle does not get the worst of it.

    Halloween: When I woke up yesterday morning, I had a 12yr old, 10yr old, 3yr old, and 1yr old Handsome Boys. By the time we left last night for Trick or Treating, I had lost all 4 of my sons. They had been replaced by Mario, Luigi, a FEARSOME dragon, and Yoda….Lol, but they had a very good time and by the time I tucked them in, they had all transformed back into my beautiful children (plus a little sugar crankiness)!

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