The Phillips’ household is officially in “settling back in” mode.

We have a new schedule than pre-hospital days, and it’s taking some getting used to.

Against my better judgement, I allowed my two oldest children to sign up for spring softball. Besides the fact that it cost money we probably shouldn’t have used (although big thanks to my in-laws for helping us out by getting all the kiddos gear while I was in the hospital with Annabelle!), it also now added the dimension of running kids to softball practice and games… TWO of them…


So far, it isn’t too bad. Practices are either on nights daddy doesn’t work, or on Saturday’s, and one of the coaches even volunteered to help us out with transportation for one of the girls to practice. But still.. now our “with daddy” nights are “at the ballpark” nights, so it’s just hard.

And when games start… *sigh* that will be fun…

Yet… the reason I agreed is because, as I mentioned on Monday, siblings often get the raw end of the deal when a brother/sister has a long-term health issue like Annabelle. They have so much they COULD resent about Annabelle, yet, I’m proud to say, my kiddos love their sister despite the craziness that has entered out house since her birth (actually… I was a hormonal mess the 9 months prior, so really, since her conception!) I did NOT want another thing that I had to say NO to because of Annabelle, and in the long run, it is GOOD for them to get out and get exercise… so we decided that we’d just have to figure it out!

Annabelle’s schedule has also changed since we’ve come home. I have something to “do” for her at 7 am, 8 am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm, 930pm. And two of those times we are now feeding her via syringe instead of feed pump so she doesn’t have to be tethered for an hour and a half… but it means I feed her 1/4th of her feed every 30 minutes… It isn’t too bad, except when I lose track of time….

Oh, and her formula has changed from pre-made in bottles back to powder I have to mix. Not a big deal, but an additional “add on” to my day.

Have I mentioned I’m also trying to write books between all of this, and keep my house clean?? (those of you who have seen my house, don’t laugh… I really DO try!)

So, this week was supposed to be my settle-into-a-routine time. I was so excited about it.

Then another wrench got thrown in, a very sad one!

My Gabby is sick! 🙁 She ran a fever the WHOLE day yesterday, and woke up at 102.2. *big sigh* Off to the pediatrician today. Mostly like will say, “It’s just a virus…” but I’m a little concerned because she has NO other symptoms. No vomiting, no coughing, no sneezing. She does complain of a headache and her tummy hurting, but yeah.

And then there’s the added guilt/fear of her getting Annabelle sick. I live in horrible fear of getting Annabelle sick. (See picture of the new addition to our house…)

So, Gabby is “quarantined” in her room. I feel SO SO SO bad, but visions of hospital admissions are dancing in my head. I’m hand sanitizing like crazy, and try not to “touch” her myself, but do you know how hard it is for a Mommy not to cuddle and snuggle with her sick little girl to make her feel better?????????????????????? My heart is breaking. It really is. I think I might try putting a sheet between us and snuggling today, so we can leave the germs on the sheet and not Mommy, because I just can’t handle it anymore!! She’s being SO SO good about it, the rare times she comes out of her room, she makes this wide berth around Annabelle to make sure she doesn’t give her germs. It is so sweet.

*another big sigh*

So anyway, our settling in has been disrupted this week. Still, between it all, I’m trying my best. And the weather has be BEAUTIFUL so we are opening all the blinds and letting sunlight come in!

Who else is ready for spring???

Personally, I have visions of walks in 70 degree weather (and cold/flu/RSV season GOING AWAY!) dancing in my head!!

(oh, and sorry for no fun non-hand-sanitizer pictures… I’ve been busy taking care of my sick little girl and just haven’t taken any! WHOOPS!)


Doctor said Gabby has strep.

Bad news: No school for Gabby today or tomorrow.
Good news: It isn’t as contagious as some other things, spread by saliva, and I don’t anticipate Annabelle and Gabby drinking out of the same cup, HA! So, there will be no kissing Annabelle or getting close to her face, but the “contact” quarantine is officially over! WOOHOO!

Just saying lots of prayers that we haven’t already spread it to each other!!



  1. I'm sorry Gabby is sick. I hope she gets well quickly and that no one else gets the bug.

    I feel for you in the struggle to juggle, Krista, but I think it's neat that two of your gals are playing softball this season. I hope they have lots of fun.

  2. Awww I think I'd have to cuddle my baby and then take a hot shower in antibacterial soap! Hope Gabby's feeling better soon!

    What fun you and hubby will have cheering on your new ball players! Praying you have a healthy Spring Season from here on out. ~ Lis

  3. praying for Gabby. Hope she feels better. Glad Annabelle is doing well 🙂

  4. Do hope Gabby improves. I had the same thing yesterday, and it only lasted about 24 hours. Yeah, for baseball, despite the stress on the schedule. As Darius sings, this won't last for long.

  5. Yay for "just Strep"! I know that's a horrible thing to say, but Strep is easy to cure with antibiotics so hopefully Gabby will be feeling better soon!!

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