Schedule – Gumby Style

On Monday, we decided that a schedule is our friend.

When I began to think about making my schedule, I figured out
what was important for ME to remember about my schedule. Because, let’s
face it. We are all different. We operate on different levels and one
schedule would NEVER work for one person and be perfect for the next.

The biggest thing I NEEDED my schedule to be was:


We all have crazy lives. But the last 4 years have taught me the value of being flexible. Life will throw you curveballs, fastballs, and all sorts of other fun types of balls.

I needed to be ready to move things around to accommodate whatever life threw at me.

This was the main reason I’d resisted a schedule for so long.

In the past I’d tried to do specific schedules.

  • Wake up at this time.
  • Brush me teeth at this time.
  • Shower at this time.
  • Breakfast at this time.
  • Wake kids up at this time. 
  • Eat dinner at this time.

And my body just laughed at the schedule as my hands tore it up in to little bitty pieces.

So I set out on a mission to make a schedule that was movable. One that had approximates to give me guidelines and not steadfast rules.

One where, if I got off schedule for a few hours or even a few days, it was super simple to jump right back on.

I need my schedule to not be so rigid that one sick kids totally ruins my day or week. That I can up and decide one day this summer to say the heck with everything else, let’s go do something FUN. There is a lot of value and smiles that can be found in spontaneity. Knowing me, there will probably never be a day that I stayed 100% on schedule, especially over the summer!

Basically, I gave myself permission to cheat on my schedule. Knowing that I could change my schedule when needed, and there is no such thing as FAILING my schedule, was SO freeing for me. It was there to help me, not make my life more cumbersome.

It reminds me of a principle I worked by in my former job.

Any process that takes more time to execute than it saves (quantified in time and money) is a process that needs to go bye-bye.

My schedule should save me more time than it takes for me to stay by it. If not, it isn’t doing its job.

Let’s chat!!

How flexible are your days? Do you give yourself permission to move things around or even mess up from time to time??