Life is like a book.

I dunno, I think it fits, don’t you?

You have scenes… those moments, occassions that you remember forever.

Then you have chapters in your life, where at the end, something rocks your world, and at the beginning of the next, everything is changed.

I look back at my life, all 30 years of it, and see many chapters. Some have greater “chapter ending hooks” than others.

Then sometimes you have a chapter ending that completes a whole act of your life, with a blank page being in between, or a title page that marks something huge.

I’ve reached Part III in the middle of my book (Part one was growing up… Part two was getting married… and I had kids so quickly after that, I view my kids as part of part two!)

Annabelle is changing everything. I guess better said, God is using Annabelle to change everything. And last night, I took a sharp intake of breath, and turned the page to see a piece of paper that says only, “Part III: A new beginning.”

It’s a new beginning in many ways. Physically, my life has changed. My kids have changed, my husband has changed, I have changed. It wasn’t necessarily one specific thing, but the realization from God that there is a line marked in the sand, that what was is not what will be. A marker, if you will, that I can look back on and say, “That’s where God changed it all.”

My hope, my prayer, is at the beginning of our new beginning, our baby will be able to come home. And I think that will be part of it. I really really do.

To that note, we didn’t have a stellar night last night. Annabelle went from .5 lt oxygen to 3 ltr. She was very junky, and on top of her having a fever yesterday, her white blood count was trending up, so the fear is now that she caught, potentially, my ucky cold. But at the same time, I’m praying that is all it is. That she can get over it quickly, get back down to off oxygen (she never was off, but was satting fine when the canula was out of her nose so she was ALMOST there!) and go HOME next week. I’m not holding my breath or making big plans though. GOD knows when it needs to happen. Part of me wouldn’t mind if they just come in one day and say, “Okay, today is the day, take her home!” but then I remember that I like to plan, so maybe that doesn’t sound quite so good! ha!

Regardless, I know I ask for prayer all the time, and I KNOW you are already giving it, but your specific prayers about this new “part” in our lives are oh so appreciated. I’m a little scared, to be honest. And overwhelmed. Think of this as a good ole-fashioned unspoken prayer request. But GOD knows, and I’m trusting Him, and my husband, to take care of things.



  1. I am praying and will continue to pray.

  2. Continued prayers as you prepare for the next chapter in your life. May it be all you hoped for and more.

  3. Saying prayers for your family. Praying she heals quickly and god reveals his plan. God bless you.

  4. New chapters can be a bit daunting, but as you said, God is in control and He never does anythng without a good reason.
    Praying this new chapter will turn out the best for you … yet.

  5. Wow, I LOVE your description of the different acts. Very cool word picture! And the best book is one that keeps us guessing until the end. 🙂 Praying for you, friend.

  6. Will continue to pray. (My oldest son – age 9 -mentions Annabelle every night by name when he says his bedtime prayers.) I will specifically pray for this "new chapter" as it is beginning, that God will fill its pages with His blessings and love.

  7. We will continue to pray and trust in God's plan for the next chapter!

    Wishing a Happy Mother's Day to an amazing Mom!!!!


  8. Two weeks I was meeting with my pastor's wife and comparing the last two years of my life to a book! Except I'm in a series and starting book 3 on a huge note of hope.

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