I signed up for sitemeter.com to keep track of the views and referrals for my blog. I didn’t like my previous meter… it tracked each time I came on, and when I back clicked it counted again. Plus, it gave me no statistics, and I could never remember what my “visit” count was before!

Sitemeter, while not perfect, is SO much better.

And, it’s been quite amusing to see what people have googled to find my blog.

Twice in the last week someone has Googled “Krista from the bachelor” Obviously, I’m not a bachelor, and I’m 100% sure they were actually looking for TRISTA the BACHELORETTE… however I did a few blog posts at the end of the Bachelor last season (remember The *gag* Bachelor?).

Quite funny!

Also, someone Googled Suicide “Heaven and be with Jesus”

This one scared me. It liked to my “Suicide watch at Blimpie” blog post. I’m so thankful that I did honor God in my post even though it was very tongue in cheek, but was a reminder that we should ALWAYS watch our blog content because we never know what circumstance someone will be in when they cross paths with our posts.

There are others, including my Dare to Run post… that have garnered many google links too:-)

So… fellow bloggee’s… if you track referral links, care to share the weirdest, the most touching, or scariest searches that linked to your site?



  1. Hi Krista!
    I don’t have that kind of stat counter! At least if I do, I haven’t figured out how to track if people are googling me. I’d love to know if that’s how Steve Laube made it to my blog the other day! Maybe I’ll have to check into switching to what you have at some point! Sounds like fun!!

  2. It was pretty easy to install:-) I’d like to find one that does unique hits as well.

    Not sure how he found your blog, could be a variety of ways. Actually, ya never know, maybe he saw your double final in genesis… was impressed so looked you up:-) Or someone said you were dogging on his statistic… (SOOOOo just kidding there! LOL)

    Okay, now a bigger question miss double finalist. *grin* have you heard back from the TBL contest yet? I was thinking you’d entered that too…. The site says they’ll contact finalists by today but I haven’t heard tale of anyone announcing their finalist status, so I assumed no one had been notified.

    Not that I’m, like, anxious or anything. Really, I’m not, God is in control and I rest in that.

  3. I’m going to have to check out sitemeter! I can’t believe anyone would goggle mine though.

  4. T.Anne… you’d be surprised! I didn’t think so anyway but sometimes in a post you just use a certain word or phrase that might just pop up your blog:-)

  5. Oh this is hilarious! I think the funniest I have seen that arrived on my site is “quivering women.” I have also had “girl quivering.”

    Sitemeter is the best I have found too!

  6. You can also set a google alert so that when someone googles your name or site name you get an email.

  7. Hillary! VERY funny!!!! Thanks for sharing:-)

  8. Hillary got it right. The answer is "Google Alerts."

    I have it set up to send me an email whenever my name is mentioned on the Internet. It is free and very simple to set up.
    I do this in order to discover if someone is saying things about me or our agency. I've been able to correct misinformation this way or to just say "thank you."

    Steve Laube
    The Steve Laube Agency

  9. Steve, thanks for the advice! I've now set up my Google alert, so careful what you write about me out there…. I'm watttcchhhhinnnng. (Forgive my odd humor… it's been a long Saturday!)

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