I’m SO excited to announce a few book promos running this week to start 2018 off right! (Okay, so it’s 11 days into the year, but since it is still January I still feel like we’re “kicking” off the year!)

For a super limited time, TWO of my books are FREE in ebook format and another is on sale for 99 cents that is normally $2.99.

My newest novel, The Engagement Plot, is FREE most everywhere ebooks are sold!


Also for free, because only one book isn’t enough…

My novella, A Side of Faith!


And for only 99 cents…

A Side of Hope


I hope this helps you start off 2018 with a few laughs!

Much love to you all!




  1. Thank you for letting me know about these books. I was able to get The Engagement Plot on Barnes and Noble’s site, but A Side of Faith wasn’t available in e-book format. A Side of Hope didn’t show under your name except as one of a set of three, which were also not available in e-book format. I’m fairly new to e-books and know nothing about how an author goes about having their works included on a bookstore’s site, but if it’s at all possible to have your work made available for the Nook, I would be most appreciatve.

    1. I’m so sorry!

      For my novellas, they are only available for ebook on Amazon for the kindle (or any device with a kindle app.) They are in the Kindle Select program, so those who are enrolled in kindle unlimited can read them for free through that subscription program. Amazon does not allow me to have them in that program and on other sites as well, unfortunately. At some point I may take them out of the program and list them everywhere, and when I do, I will absolutely make an announcement about it!

      My traditional published books are available everywhere though, thus how you can get The Engagement Plot for free on BN.com!

  2. My husband had told me he thought there was an app that allowed you to read Kindle books on a Nook. I’ll have to get him to install it for me.

    I had downloaded a short sample of The Engagement Plot several weeks ago. No idea how or why the complete book is now available on B&N when it shouldn’t be. Sounds like a mystery in need of solving?.

  3. I just finished the Engagement Plot and loved it! Thanks for writing. I love funny Christian fiction.

    1. So glad you enjoyed it, Teresa!!!

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