It’s finally here!

The FINAL Sandwich Novella releases TODAY!

A Side of Love is Beth and Garrett’s story, and oh. My. Goodness. I had a blast writing it.

It’s funny. I write very seat-of-the-pants, which means I don’t do a ton of outlining or plotting before I sit down and write. I usually get a few chapters in, then sit back and do a really, really rough plan of where I’m going.

This story — I got to that point and tried several ideas — but they all felt stupid. Trite. Boring. Like I was trying to hard to figure out the story other people would want to hear.

So I sat back and just brainstormed, trying to come up with the craziest, goofiest ideas I could come up with.

I dismissed probably a hundred of them. And then I had this hilarious idea. It was gonna be stupid, and no one would probably think it humorous except me, but I decided for kicks and giggles to start down that path anyway.

THis is the first book in a while where I’ve actually laughed while writing it. Because I was literally writing for my own pleasure just to take the story somewhere it would tickle me.

I figured the whole time, I’d have to toss the whole thing because I’d be the only one who remotely thought it was fun.

But in the end, I figure — if I liked it, then SURELY someone else would too, right?

Now you’re probably wondering what in the world I wrote. There is a decent chance you’ll read it and be like — uh…. okay? But I’m hoping maybe someone else will get a kick out of the story as much as I did!

Regardless, my hope is that you’ll be reminded of the beauty of love, not only romantic love (although definitely that too!) but of the Love of our Savior as well.



  1. Now you've made me curious. Should your novellas be read in order or are they separate stories?

  2. A GREAT question!

    They are separate stories and can definitely be read alone, however minor characters in one story are then main characters in another. So if you CAN read them in order, that is great. But you won't "miss" anything if you don't!

    The order is:

    Sandwich, With a Side of Romance (a novel)
    A Side of Faith (novella)
    A Side of Hope (novella)
    A Side of Love (novella)

    I DO plan on a final novel to finish out the series, The Greatest is Love, but that will be a while down the road and again, will be a standalone with related characters.

  3. Thanks for the reply. I've read the first 2 and now need to get caught up. Maybe during spring break coming up!

  4. Can you only buy this one from Amazon? My IPAD is connected to Barnes and Noble and have gotten the other ones on my Nook from them, but couldn't find this one. D. Taylor

  5. I'm sorry, you're right! I'm trialing putting them in the KDP program through Amazon to help my audience reach this year, but that limits them from being in itunes/nook at the moment. I'll most likely put them in the other stores at some point this summer, but still coming up with a plan for that. You should be able to use the Kindle app on an ipad to read them from Amazon though.

    So so sorry for the inconvenience!!

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