It’s Spring Break here in our house— and Mommy is out of her mind busy! Thus the reason for a wimpy blog post today.

Forgive me for being completely void of dazzling words (not that they are normally dazzling) or witty wisdom (HA HA HA– yeah probably not found here anyway too) but, yeah, this post is gonna be lame.

Well, not TOTALLY lame.

Because one of the reasons I’m out of my mind busy is that I have a official RELEASE DATE for A Side of Hope.

I’ve put it off, making excuses, but I’m putting it off no longer!

I said it would be out this month, and by golly, it will!

MARCH 31st!


End of the month. Last day. By the skin of my teeth, but it will be out!

I’m so excited to introduce you all to Tilly and Adam!

Did I tell you Adam is a doctor?

Yup. He deliver babies. He’s pretty cool!

So yeah. Mark your calendar! We’ll have a GRAND ol’ party here on my blog that Tuesday to celebrate, complete with giveaways and all that jazz! If you’d like, you can sign up for my newsletter (see link —> in my side bar on this blog to sign up, as I’ll be sending out an announcement newsletter!)

If I haven’t said it recently, let me just say. I’m SO thankful for each and every one of my readers, both my blog readers and my book readers! Your support means SO much to me!

Hope you all have a FANTASTIC week!