A fairly uneventful week.

Annabelle went for a new PIC line on Thursday… they ended up just rewiring it but they still put her out and had cardiac anesthesia take her down. She was BEYOND TICKED when she got back and woke up. They had to “half” ventilator her, using this little tube device in her throat vs a full ventilator ET tube. She woke up and they had to take it out actually halfway back to her room, probably why she was so very ticked off!

I had a heart scare today.

I got back to my desk at work, and it was one of the rare times I’d forgotten to take my cell phone with me. I had a missed call from a number I could tell was local, but I had no clue what it was.

My immediate thought was…. DID I MISS THE HEART CALL???!!!!???

I didn’t want to call back if it was just a wrong number, so I called hubby. He hadn’t gotten a call, so I figured we were good. If they missed me, they would have called him!

Later, I found out hubby had gotten a call from the same number, and had taken it. It was the local newspaper asking for us to subscribe. Urgh!

Then later tonight, I got another unknown local phone-number call.

URGH again! Some kid said he had the wrong number. I officially hate wrong numbers!

On a fun note, it has been INCREDIBLY nice out lately. Like highs in the upper 70’s with blue sky’s and sunshine! Scott took me to a nice dinner tonight, and it was just… nice. I needed a relaxing pretty evening REALLY bad. We didn’t stress (too much) over where to go, and we just talked about normal, non-irritating stuff.

And I have NO big things I MUST do this weekend. This is a first for a VERY long time. I might go catch up on a few things at work… but I’m not stressing over it and if I don’t feel like it, I won’t.

I think that is what I need right now. To just relax and calm down. Because I’m tired of complaining all the time, which I feel like I’ve been doing the last few weeks. I’m tired of feeling tired. I’m tired of feeling like I need to cry every five minutes over really stupid things. I really am just TIRED, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

So here is to a NON-STRESSFUL, restful weekend.

Unless, of course, that stress involves a new heart for Annabelle, then BRING IT ON!

A few pictures from the week:

Happy lopsided St. Patrick’s Day! 

Mommy, Daddy, Gabby, and Annabelle on her 2nd wagon ride!

Gotta have her shake weight with her on her trip around the ICU! She’s waving hi… or that’s how Mommy interprets it!

I am including this one more because Gabby looks TOO darn cute in it! Annabelle is just chillin’… LOL



  1. Dear Krista, You have every right to feel tired and you need to recharge for sure. Every time I read your blog I am amazed at your strenght, courage, beauty and testimony for Jesus. You never seem irrated in midst of all that you are given. We serve a faithful Father and I'm praying so hard for Annabelle and your family. Looking so forward to the post entitled "Heart is here!" (or something like that).

    Be blessed this weekend! Praying in Canada for heart babies specifically yours and mine.

  2. Thinking about you, Krista. Praying you feel very recharged throughout the weekend. And that a heart comes soon!

  3. Your kids are just too cute! 🙂 Take it easy this weekend (as much as a Mom can:)


  4. I enjoyed the pics! It's nice to see all your smiles. Hang in there, girl, more smiles are on the way.

  5. So glad that you had an uneventful week. I can feel the frustration with the "wrong numbers". I think we've all been there. Enjoy your weekend. We'll pray that it continues to be relaxing (unless heart day happens to come).

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