Have you ever wanted to ask God… with sarcasm in your voice… “Really? What next? What else do ya have to add on here?”

*raising hand* I have.

I asked it about a billion times while Annabelle was in the hospital and every time I’d turn something else was going wrong, some other problem was being heaped into the mix.

I’m feeling like that today, on a much less extreme, non-life-threatening level.

Annabelle had her ENT appointment yesterday. Before seeing the doctor, we had her ears checked again. We had them checked last August, but there was fluid built up in one of them and they couldn’t get an accurate reading.

This time, the eardrum showed no movement at all in both ears, noting more fluid build up. Annabelle also pokes her finger in her ear quite a bit, and given her extreme speech delay, as well as her greater risk for hearing problems due to the amounts of IV antibiotics she got while in the hospital…

Anyway, she is now going to add tubes in her ears and a sedated hearing test into the mix along with getting the bronch and tonsils/adenoids removed. Thankfully they can do this all at the same time. That’s gonna be one BUSY operating room on June 18th (our tentative scheduled date.)

*big sigh*

The hearing thing has me a little worried, I’ll be honest. I know it is most likely just the fluid, and once that is gone, she’ll be able to hear just fabulous. But after everything else that has gone wrong…… I’m a pretty optimistic person but I’m bracing myself for the worst, which is NOT like me.

Still, it’ll be fine. IT WILL BE FINE!

To add to the mix, we’re having to make some pretty big decisions about jobs/work things and prayers are appreciated for that. Not going into detail here (I know… SO very much not like me!!!) but yeah… we covet your prayers.

I find it strangely odd that I felt like I was able to trust God MORE with big things like heart surgeries and heart transplants, but with “little” things like ear tubes, tonsils, jobs and money… it’s all about ready to make me jump off a cliff (proverbially speaking… not suicidal yet, I promise!)

Reminding myself today that we gotta still trust Him a day at a time.
Even when I’m thoroughly baffled and discouraged, God is SO SO SO much
bigger than it all!

BATH TIME!!!! She had been giggling… but here she looks like she’s sing Opera… HA!

Getting ready for bed… (you can’t tell very well… but she’s cheesin’ for the camera!


  1. What a little sweetheart! 🙂

    I've thought that at times, "What next?" You're right, it's got to be one day at a time. I've gotten to the point with some things where I must sit back, for there is nothing to do but trust Him. Why is this so hard at times? Guess I know exactly why, so I will learn something in the process. 🙂

    Praying, Krista.

  2. Krista, I love that bath photo! What a pretty girl. I'm adding my prayers for your job decisions… and for Annabelle's surgery.

  3. Have been praying. Will keep praying.

  4. Oh girl, *Hugs*
    Praying for you guys.

  5. We were told last summer our son had lost over 50% of his hearing due to fluid and infections. They wanted to try tubes but I wasn't so sure I wanted to put my son through that but if there was a chance it would help him then so be it. After having tubes put in they rechecked his hearing and it almost all came back. Thank you Jesus!!!

  6. Thanks everyone!!! I tubes are little things in comparison… I'm really okay with it… but it's just another needle in our growing haystack that pinches!!!

  7. Krista, with four boys that each have a "this is my miraculous survival story" to tell about their first months of life (or more in Simon's case…), I have often felt like getting "what next, God?" tattooed on my forehead!
    I know every little procedure is scary with our fragile ones, but I wanted to reassure you. My 10 year old has been literally stone deaf twice due to fluid build up. Both times, they placed tubes and on the second set, they removed his adenoids. Now he hears just fine, except when he is playing the selective hearing game…lol! Along with his hearing issues, Simon has super thin, weak eardrums and they perforated under any kind of added pressure. This happened about 8 times before they were able to put him under for tubes. Even now, a year later, he drains often and easily gets infections in his right ear. (they have said it is deformed…longer and more narrow than it should be) The good news is he has passed his hearing tests twice now! Tubes will help a lot and you will see a big difference in her! When my 10 year old heard a loud noise for the first time after his first set of tubes at 17 months, he cracked up laughing and wanted me to make the noise happen again!

  8. Definitely praying for you all! I must admit it does my heart good to see my Miss Annabelle smiling in the bath! Who would have ever thought that possible?

  9. I think we look at big things as God sized problems and little things as things we should be able to handle on our own…I know I do. My daughter was near deaf birth to age 6 and then God decided it was time for her to hear 🙂 Ya just never know what He's up to and yes, I ask that quite often. What next God? I've lost my health, my family, my marriage, my home, my belongings….hmmmmm, yeah I know that what next feeling for big and small.then I ended up with another (mild)concussion Monday…think I'm gonna stop asking that question ..Just popping in to say love n prayers ~ Lis

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