We’ve been doing some readjusting around the Phillips’ household.

It is called, “Trying to Keep Sane.”

I usually don’t like to make a lot of changes in habits at the same time. It gets overwhelming. But as a family, we’ve picked up some bad ones and haven’t really gotten into any type of acceptable “groove” since being “reunited” last summer.

So what have we changed?

Well, we moved the kids rooms around. It’s not a perfect solution, but it gives them a little more breathing room (and the ability to actually CLEAN their room, which was almost impossible before.)

And we’ve implemented a new snack-time procedure in our house, as our previously this was a source of yelling and fighting. We now have a “mommy picks it out and you eat it or go hungry” policy. They don’t mind this, since if I forget to set something out, they get to have whatever they want per our new rules. They are banking on me forgetting… but I’m thinking broccoli sounds good this afternoon… MUHAHAHAHA!

Homework is another change we’ve made. Grades have been slipping a little around here, and our scattered homework time is largely to blame. So, instead of after dinner, homework will now be done immediately after coming home.

Less you think all the changes are about my kids, the last change is one for me.

I’m still anti-schedule for myself. I know I would fail at it, and given annabelle’s billion appointments, keeping a set schedule is virtually impossible. Instead, I am setting a goal to get ONE THING DONE per day. Previously, I’d make myself a list of like 10 things I wanted to get done, and I’d do none of them because I’d get frustrated when time slipped away. So far, my new method is working decently.

Monday I cleaned my room which I hadn’t done in ages. (It was bad. Trust me.)

Tuesday, I cleaned Lacy and Gabby’s new room. It had yet to be cleaned/organized since we moved them, so the floor was completely covered with their junk. They were pretty amazed when they came home, which made Momma smile.

Today, Annabelle’s room is my goal. Wish me luck!

So, those are our major changes. I have more changes in my head, but I figure that’s enough habits to work on for now! WISH US LUCK!!!!

And a little video for your viewing pleasure… someday I’ll take one that is better than the blurry video on my phone!! This is Annabelle playing with her toy at OT.



  1. She is so cute!!! I love the video. Go Annabelle!!

    I hear ya about making changes. I only have the one kiddo and I get so overwhelmed I give up. Our big thing is paper. Paper, paper, paper EVERYWHERE! How in the heck did it get here and where am I supposed to put it all? You'd think I could chuck most of it but it's composed of manuals, coupons, receipts, etc. I could file it but our cabinet is full. Craziness! I swear my kitchen island is like a magnet for paper…I'll clean it only to find it inundated in like 5 minutes! Does paper procreate???? I think so!!

    1. Paper! Holy cow I am TOTALLY with you on that! I have not tackled our paper yet. I've put it one big, huge pile. It is a "day" chore all of its own!! I have so many ideas for organizing it… but it still piles up before I'm able to implement any of them! Still, I press on and try!

  2. What a cute video.

    I think your One Thing plan makes sense, Krista. Setting too many goals can lead to frustration as life gets in the way and more pressing matters take precedence. Accomplishing one thing will be rewarding and encouraging and could lead to you being able to tackle Two Thing Days down the road. =)

    1. Two things… wow, that will be PROGRESS!!! For the record, I usually do other little things too… I just have one BIG thing that I'm concentrating on, one big project if you will.

      Today's project got waylaid… she napped during my time to work on it and her room was my project!!!!! Ahhh! 🙂

  3. Love your plan, KP! It's so hard to be gone for part of the day and then have the oomph to come back and get busy in the house.

    Annabelle's smile is precious! Do you think she lays her head down in order to see the toy better?

    1. Yes! THAT is my problem! Literally I have something almost EVERY day of the week, and each time it feels like it blows the whole day even though sometimes it's only an hour or two. I need to learn to get a handle on that!

      And re: laying her head down… maybe! Part of it too, we think, is that she just gets tired easily still. And by the time we get to OT, we've just gone through PT so she's pretty tuckered out!

  4. Look at her happy little smile! I love her joy. :-))

    1. And yeah that you can comment again!! I <3 comments!

  5. Adorable video. All I really have to say is http://www.flylady.net

    1. HA! THanks for the link… although the thought of my kitchen sink shining is a wee bit laughable… HA HA HA! I try though….

    2. It really works. I didn't believe it either, but it really does work. Now that I run a business, I have the sickly little ones in and out and Flylady's rules make keeping everything clean and sanitized soooo easy. I'm running the business, homeschooling my daughter and the children in my care, still writing, and keeping everything neat – that site's a life saver. Seems crazy but you start with the sink and getting dressed each day and it builds gradually – Be Wishes! – ask me when I'm trying to make rent and pay bills alone – things might be different for me LOL

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