Annabelle is sleeping. Played good this morning.

Dropped her sats more than normal when she fell asleep for her nap though, so we had to go up quite a bit on her oxygen, the highest since our arrival. We’ll be able to go right back down once she wakes up, but we think the junk in her lungs is just settling in there and she isn’t coughing it as good as she needs to.

They’ve ordered another respiratory treatment, CPPD (basically where they come and beat on her back periodically to try and loosen the gunk up in there.) We could deep suction her to get some of the gunk out of there… but that is NO FUN for Annabelle so we’d much rather her cough it up on her own!

Tentative plan is still to change feeds tomorrow so they can monitor how she does and how her weight reacts.

We’ve also had an issue that she hasn’t been peeing as much as any of us would like. Because she looks LESS dehydrated than when she came in, and she’s been tolerating feeds decently, they gave her a spot dose of extra diuretic this morning to see if that would help.

She finally peed about an hour and a half later, so YEAH!

Although, Mommy isn’t loving that it took extra medicine to make her pee… as I’m not sure I understand why she isn’t doing it herself. Something they are keeping an eye on closely.

BIG thanks to my sweet husband for holding down the fort at home… my sweet biggest sister for bringing me socks and a hair brush that I forgot to bring along with other goodies (among them, coke and chocolate… she knows me so well!) and for my other wonderful big sister for watching my kids most of the weekend so my hubby didn’t have to miss work, and for my Momma for watching them on Thursday! I have an AMAZING family! Thank you guys!



  1. Yay for great family indeed!

    Praying Annabelle will do better during the day … and for you all of course!


    *I deleted my first comment … too many typos, lol. Sorry!

  2. I've not commented before but have been following Annabelle since before her transplant.

    What about adding vegetable oil to her formula to gain weight? The nutritionist at the hospital Isaiah was at had us do that and it seemed to help. He couldn't take in huge amounts of formula when he was a baby as it caused him to vomit all the time so we boosted calories with vegetable oil and also supplemented his breastmilk with formula. Do they have her on a higher calorie formula? When we ran out of breast milk, they had us mix Isaiah's formula where it was 27 cal instead of 20. We later switched him to Boost Plus when he was a year old and that helped as well.

    Praying they find what will work for Annabelle and you can get home soon. If you send me the address to the hospital you are staying at or your home address, I'd love to send a care package from our non-profit org. we started called God's Special Little Hearts ( My e-mail address is

    Thanks and prayers coming your way.

    katie Columbia
    cp:IsaiahColumbia (HLHS,DORV,Post Glenn twice after failed Fontan-July'08,heart transplant list as of July 5,2011)

  3. Katie… Thanks!!!

    Annabelle is on 30 cal formula at the moment, today we are switching to a higher calorie (45 cal YIKES) at a lesser volume today to see if that helps.

    They vetoed adding oil here, but we are also going to try adding puree's via her Gtube (mixed with water to make it thin enough to push through) a few times a day to add some calories as well.

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