Two prayer requests today, both pretty important!

First, Annabelle had a little blood in her stool last night. I called the doctor, and I’m to keep an eye on it over the weekend. If it gets worse, I have to take her to the ED. (Evidently they are emergency departments now, no longer emergency rooms! Something I learned during her hospital stay…)

If it continues, we have to go to clinic on Monday, the first monday we were SUPPOSED to be able to skip! We will most likely then be referred to the GI specialists.

It isn’t a lot of blood. Just little specks, and just the one time. So please pray it GOES AWAY and that she processes food just fine.

On a positive note… I went to feed her breakfast this morning (rice cereal… she usually takes a couple of bites) but I was out of rice cereal. So, I fed her normal baby food.

And she ate… TWO WHOLE JARS!!!! Plus a few bites of the last of the rice cereal. HUGE praise right here!

Second prayer request is ALSO a praise. Scott got a call about a job he applied for months ago. They wanted him to come in TODAY to start to train. He threw shoes on and left within the hour! It is just a temporary job, but is like a temp-to-perm thing. It is all the way in Nashville though, so is a 30 to 45 minute drive for him.

On the plus side, the hours are such that he can keep his Lowe’s job, which is REALLY needed for us to be able to do this on only his income.

The down-side is that he will be working close to 70 hours a week when you factor in the drive everyday plus hours at both jobs. A huge change from what he has been doing, and will be a huge shock to our family schedule. While we need income, I still need a husband and the kids still need a daddy! 

Please pray for God’s favor, and for favor with this job, and that GOD’S WILL WILL BE DONE! I know God has the PERFECT job for my husband, and he knows exactly what we need, when we need it.



  1. Just read about Scott's job in your comment on Katie's blog. Praying for you as always, Krista, but some extra today.


  2. Congrats on Scott's new job! I know God will work it all out for you guys!
    Simon has had bloody stools before and nothing ever came of the tests. He developed a fissure due to the acids in his stool made worse by some of his meds. Also, if a child has diarrhea for a few days, or in cases like Simon and other CHD-ers where they have it ALL THE TIME, it can irritate the bowels and the track down to the butthole, causing a little blood. I think they are right it is good to get it checked out if it keeps up, but I hope I have helped you to breathe a little easier. 🙂

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