Not sure what Annabelle thinks of the bears… 
(My mom got me my first bear in 1994… I have one for every year since, except for 1996 when she got a mouse by mistake, thinking it was a bear. I have never let her live that one down:-) My hubby has kept up the tradition, so the “setting out” of the bears is a fun fun part of our Christmas decorating!)

They might be okay…


Now my sisters are making me play dress up. First attacking bears, now this. The joys of being the 4th girl!

Playing with Frosting!!!! No, I didn’t eat it. But I got a little messy! My momma was proud….
All the girls joining in cookie fun!!
Pretty Karalynn!!

Silly Karalynn….

Pretty Lacy!!
Silly Lacy….
Pretty Gabby!!!
Silly Gabby…..

Pretty Annabelle!!!!
Silly Annabelle….
Silly, in love… Mom and Dad!!


Mommy and Daddy’s present this year… Having Annabelle home was the BEST thing we could have asked for!!!
Presents? What presents? I have my monkey toy, I don’t need no presents!!
Annabelle helped a little with opening her presents, but she quickly latched onto one or two toys and didn’t care about the rest, ha!
In comparison… 

Annabelle and her stocking, 2010.

Annabelle, our 2010 present!
Annabelle, same hat, our 2011 Present!


  1. I LOVE this! You all look so happy!

  2. A present we can all share! Thank you so much for sharing your updates and pictures with us. I know I speak for so many when I say I feel she belongs to all of us in a special way, as do the other girls who have so patiently waited in the shadows for God to touch their baby sister. What a wonderful family! ~Cheri Horgan

  3. How precious! I never realized how much Lacy & Gabby look alike! 4 beautiful girls and a great husband, WOW girl, that's awesome! I'm so happy your baby girl was home this year. I used to have all those bears too but we lost them in the flood. I think my girl & I will start a new collection starting next year 🙂 Happy New Year!

  4. Adorable pictures! And what happens in a year! Praise God!

  5. Merry Christmas to YOU! What a glorious Christmas you must have had at home with the whole family.

  6. Your girls are so beautiful! The difference in Annabelle from last year to now is AMAZING! Thanks for sharing pictures of your beautiful family. God bless all of you.

  7. What a blessing to see these photos of your family and see how far Annabelle has come this year!

  8. Love, love, love seeing these pictures. So glad you were able to share Christmas all together this year at home! What an amazing God we have! Prayers for a blessed new year!

  9. Thanks for sharing the adorable Christmas pictures of the family. They all look so happy. You can see the merriment in their faces, especially the eyes.

  10. Those are awesome!! I can't believe Annabelle doesn't try to yank out her Gtube, John (15m) doesn't even own any 2pc pjs because he won't leave it alone.

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