It’s 1:15. Still no word or update. They told me to prepare for it being later than 12… that 12 was an estimated time. I assured them that I understood all about “hospital” time.

We are all prepped though, have our baths, have our room partially torn down (we’ll be coming back to a different room most likely and Annabelle has a TON TON TON of stuff!) and have a ton of pictures taken. *sigh* It’s been quite a morning.

So now we wait…. how familiar is that!!! I’m fine with this waiting today. I know another family is going through something so completely unimaginable, and waiting today is something I will gladly do for their benefit.

So, while Annabelle plays in her crib (we’ve played pass the baby all morning with a ton of snuggles… she’s pretty much over that now!) I am widdling away the time by posting pictures!!!! These are just a few (I’ll update facebook with a ton later) but will give you a glimpse of our morning!

 The Phillips’ family… our FIRST FAMILY PICTURE with all six of us!!!

Chillin’ with her heart day necklace!!!

Annabelle and her AMAZING primary nurses!!!

Mommy and Annabelle (Annabelle doesn’t look pleased, I know, and she wasn’t! She’d been pricked and prodded and passed around and awake since 4 a.m!)

Annabelle’s board! It’s heart day!



  1. I know your family is so excited! We are all praying!

  2. What a beautiful family picture! Since you mentioned it, I'll say a prayer for the family who is blessing you with this gift. *biggest hugs*

  3. Praying for your family, sweet little Annabelle and the donor family today!

    ((heart hugs!))

  4. I love the family photo. Lots of prayers are going up for you guys today.

  5. I so love that family picture!

    It's evening here already and I've been running to my computer all afternoon as I didn't want to miss one update on you Twitter or here.

    And I'll be going to bed late I guess … waiting for news and praying for you all 🙂

    ♥ to Annabelle!

  6. Thinking of you guys constantly today!! Our prayers are with you.

  7. Thanks for keeping us posted.

  8. Oh what an update. I literally cried at these pics. Praying continually for you all!

  9. Oh what an update. I literally cried at these pics. Praying continually for you all!

  10. Oh my word, I just saw this. PRAYING for you all today!

  11. Praying! And so very excited for you. Those are great pictures.

  12. Praying, praying, praying!!!!!

  13. Thanks for posting an update. Still praying!

  14. Hi Krista –



  15. Am praying for you and the other family today.

    What wonderful news!! Praying for a successful surgery and for Annabelle to be healthy.

    OH!!! I am so thrilled!

  16. I just logged into my Blogger account and when I saw your last two posts it brought tears to my eyes! Praise God!!! Praying for you all, and especially Annabelle! Much love to the Phillips Family!

  17. Praying for Annabelle <3

  18. I've been praying all afternoon since I read the email Karalynn sent me. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

  19. I've been away from my blogs for awhile. I read about this on facebook and have been praying for you all. I came to read and follow and found I already follow you!

    I can't imagine the emotional roller coaster you are riding today. May God give you strength and endurance for this journey, comfort for your worries, and joy for the end of this long day.


  21. Praying for you all, especially little Miss Annabelle!

  22. Continuing to pray, and will do so until I get the praise report – so blessed to have heard before surgery so I could be praying from the get-go- :D!
    Joyfully expecting the best possible reports

  23. Praying and waiting for good news!!

  24. You, little A, your family, and the heart-giving family are in my prayers.


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