Well, I had GREAT intentions of finishing my little project for CHD awareness week last week… but yeah, it didn’t happen. It’s not like I’m busy or anything….

So anyway, I have it done today… the last day of CHD awareness week, so I figure that is better than nothing, especially considering today is VALENTINE’S DAY!

I’ll forwarn you though… I did much of this REALLY late last night so it isn’t perfect, but it’s done and that’s what matters!!

The song in it lullaby my hubby wrote and sings to Annabelle in the hospital, and the children are just a very small sampling of children who are battling a CHD.

Annabelle Update: Besides still getting over her cold, she’s been doing GREAT! She’s been running little fevers on and off, but she’s been pretty happy and breathing well, so we are all breathing a sigh of relief ourselves. No word from Boston yet. Weaning her Methadone a little today (we skipped last weeks wean because of her cold) so praying that she has NO withdrawal and stays HAPPY this week. (I really believe that leaving it alone for so long is what has made her chill out… she went for a long time where she would scream at everything and anyone who tried to touch her.)

Praying you all have a WONDERFUL Valentine’s Day!



  1. Beautiful tribute, Krista. Praying for emotional, physical, and spiritual strength for you.

  2. Wow, Krista! I had to watch that three times, one to look at those precious children, one to listen to the wonderful song your husband wrote, and one to absorb the facts. You did a lovely job and have created a beautiful tribute to these special little ones.

    I'm so glad Annabelle is getting over her cold. Continued prayers for her, you, and the rest of your family.

    (Sorry about the deleted comment. I hit publish too soon.)

  3. Wow, those poor, precious babies. It surely makes God's heart ache. I'm going to head out to Youtube and see if I can't get that on my FB page…

    You are in my prayers (and in the prayers of my family).

  4. Urg… you made me cry.

    Seriously though, I was watching that and listening to Scott while Simon jumped up and down and squealed in his Exersaucer not two feet away from me. I don't know why God made Simon's heart healthy and Annabelle's not. As much as I thank Him for Simon's health, I pray for Annabelle's. She is constantly in my thoughts and prayers, KP, as are you. I love you, my friend.

  5. Beautiful… I hope you don't mind, but I shared this on my Facebook page. I pray that one day soon there will be no more broken hearts, but healthy hearts full of hope and love. God Bless you and your beautiful family.

  6. Beautiful video! So happy to hear that Annabelle is getting over her cold. Lifting you all up in prayers.

  7. Love the song, great job Scott. I know Annabelle loves it too!! Praying everyday for you and all the others. Those little lines on those innocent chests tell some of the most heart wrenching, heroic stories that were ever told. I pray that these struggles are a thing of the past very soon. LOVE TO ALL OF YOU, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY 🙂

  8. LOVE this! You did a great job!!! Hope you don't mind, but I'm off to post this on FB! 🙂

  9. That was awsome Krista!!! Thanks sooo much for taking the time to do that. They are all so precious and they are brave little warriors!I'm still praying for Annabelle always! Pam Schooler ( Little warrior Bowen Hammitt's grandma)

  10. Wow! As a heart mom whose child is now an angel, I follow your blog and pray for you daily. Your project is beautiful! If you don't mind, I also would like to share this on my Facebook page.

  11. Beautiful!!!! Brought tears to my eyes!

  12. What a beautiful song and wonderful video. Thank you for sharing the stories of these little ones. I pray for you and Annabelle daily Thank you for sharing her story with us. She's a special little girl!

  13. Krista – that was absolutely incredible! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into that! We got a hopeful email from an organization in England this past week that is working on getting Daniel into a hospital in Houston. Waiting, praying and trusting! Daniel's CHD was not detected until he was nearly 2 years old and another year has passed since then without any surgery. God is our healer and may He heal in accordance with His perfect will!

  14. Krista,
    That was wonderful! I love the lullaby that your husband wrote. Thanks so much for sharing and making other aware of the need.

    Sorry I didn't get the hospital pics to you in time.

    Still praying for all of you.

  15. Oh Krista, that was amazing! What a beautiful tribute. Praying for God's perfect timing for Annabelle's new heart and continued peace and stability!

  16. The video you made is precious! I didn't realize that CHDs are the number one cause of death in infants. That's crazy.

  17. Sorry, that last comment was from me. My dad was logged into his account and I didn't know it.

  18. What a beautiful tribute to your lovely Annabelle and all the other children who suffer with this condition! Praying for your family and all those touched by this disease. God bless you!

  19. Thanks everyone!!!! I thought my hubby did a good job on the song and vocals… and my brother-in-law helped him get it recorded for my use, so yeah for that!

    For those who asked to share on Facebook, I don't mind a bit! It's there to be shared:-)

    Blessings to you all! THANKS for stopping by and praying for Annabelle and all the other little heart warriors! Especially on my heart today are those who have lost their little heart heroes… so please be praying for the families dealing with such a great loss as well.

  20. Beautiful!

  21. It was great meeting you this week at the CHD event. It hit me on our drive home that I had looked at your blog in the past and actually had it saved in my favorites. Sorry I didn't put that together when I was talking with you. That is a beautiful song your husband wrote. Hopefully I'll get to meet your beautiful Annabelle while we are at Vandy for Cain's heart cath in two weeks. Please, Please let me know if you ever need anything we only live a few miles from the hospital. Even if it's just to meet up for dinner to talk. Again, great meeting you. Catherine

  22. Catherine… It was great meeting you too!! Praying Cain's heart cath goes well!! Would love to meet up with you sometime:-)

  23. well done Krista. I shared the video on FB and may do on Leyda's carepage too!

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