I know, I know, it’s romance month and I promised all my posts would have SOMETHING to do with romance.

Well, I’m thinking since many times romance… (hopefully after marriage!) leads to BABIES, that this post will qualify!


Yes… I already have three girls… so we will be a big princess, pink, giggling, estrogen filled household!

Yes… I’ll probably save a little money on clothes, but there will be almost 4 years between Gabby and the baby. Um… so I will save the clothes, but I was the youngest of 3 girls in my family and got A LOT of hand-me-downs… and let me tell you, then were so grossly out of style, especially once I got older. Considering I’d already gotten rid of “baby” girl clothes… yeah, there will be some staples shared but I will NOT subject my baby to all hand-me-downs.

Yes… I’ll have four weddings to pay for. I can hope that one or more of them choose a small simple wedding… or maybe eloping??? (just kidding… they’d be in SO SO SO much trouble!)

No… I have NO names picked out yet. We had a boy name that we kinda liked, but all my girls have 2 middle names, so between those three and baby Abigail with Jesus… that is 10 names I’ve already picked out! Add to it the names of my heroines of my books that I don’t want to reuse…

No… I am NOT sharing names this time before baby is born. It will be a surprise to all (maybe even me if I can’t think of something! ha!)

Thought I’d share some pictures of my wee little one! She’s only 16 1/2 weeks old… so it’s still blurry… but I cherish them none the less!

Discussion: Don’t you just LOVE babies!?! That’s not much of a discussion point… but I’m tired and droopy this morning so it’ll have to do!



  1. Oh, Simon's future wife is a cutie! 😀

    After Parker, I was so sure that I was never going to do this again that I consigned all my little baby clothes up to 18 months. My favorite consignment shop in town has a 50-cent sale at the end of the season to clear out the shelves. Well, I went in there last week and cleaned them out of 6-9 months and 18 months clothes. At the end of the next season, I can get more 0-3, 3-6, and 12 months.

  2. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Four girls!!! That is awesome. I am one of three and we are the best of friends. You will have so much fun later in life and you will have so many women to take care of you when you are old. 🙂

    Those 3D images are AMAZING!!!!!!!

  3. Congratulations!! I have 3 girls (and 2 sisters). And just today I blogged about why God chooses to give us the gender of kiddos He does.

    And one of my dear friends also has a baby Abigail in heaven. I'll bet they know each other.

  4. HUGE congrats Krista! I had four boys in a row and finally begged God for a daughter (which he graciously gave me 😉 Enjoy life on the pink side.

  5. Congratulations on another princess to join your family.

  6. OOOOOH, it's a FABULOUS discussion.
    Let me tell you, Krista, sonograms have come a LOOOOOng way in 24 years.

    Blessings and congratulations!!!


  7. Congratulations! You were just meant to be the mother of girls.

  8. Such sweet pictures! As a mother of 3 girls I have to say there ARE a lot of hormones running around, but I wouldn't trade it for anything:)

  9. WOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Congrats!

    (And, when they get older, they can email me and I'll tell them about how awesome it was to pay for my OWN wedding!)

    Word Verification: brider. Ha!

  11. Hi Krista –

    Congratulations! The minute I saw those pink balloons I knew!

    You mentioned the name, "Abigail." I totally love that name because of David's wife.

    She's a blessed baby to have adoring parents and big sisters. 🙂


  12. Congratulations! I am one of four girls, and I absolutely adore my sisters! 🙂

  13. What a beautiful baby! And what a blessing a baby girl is.

    You'll find just the right name.

  14. Awww! Thanks for sharing pictures of your little sweetie! You are blessed!

  15. Oh my goodness. FOUR girls. LOL!!!

    I'm so happy for you Krista! Congrats, and awesome pics!

  16. Oh, Krista! How wonderful, beautiful, precious!!!!!

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