I had a new idea for a book pop into my head tonight. Now, don’t get all ‘oh tell me! Tell me!’ on me! It is a secret:-) And it may be dumb, who knows, but I think it is actually a pretty neat concept.

I am most excited because I was reading a fairly new author’s website the other day, and saw that she had ‘quit’ writing. She had published a few books, but then decided to put it aside. She didn’t really expound on the reason, it may have been purely personal reasons, but it got me thinking. Ok, so let’s say I get my big break, publish my 3 book series and am so excited! What then?

I guess by then I need to have a new idea, huh! I do have one book that I started a few years ago, and I still think it is a good concept, but it is not the book God would have me write yet. I think I need to experience life a little more before I can truely give tribute to it’s message. But back to the topic, I think I have an idea for a book to come after my series! I realized also that I need to start a notebook, or a system for recording my ideas for the future. I have way too much going on in my life right now (working full time, 3 kids, husband, house to clean, books to write, proposals to send, conferences to attend…) to be keeping up with all that information in my head, or to be working on more than one book at a time.

So, this is to just say, if some wonderful publisher or agent happens upon this blog, and wonders if I’ll be a one hit wonder, the answer is no! I have a few more tricks under my sleeve than that, and I think God has much more in store for me than I could even dream possible. ‘Cause let me tell you, it is all Him!