As promised, I am going to attempt to keep my blogs to the point.

Also as promised, today’s blog is devoted to my handsome hunky husband!

I can honestly say that I believe in love at first sight. I can even go beyond that, and say that I believe in love BEFORE first sight! You see, my husband and I met online. We did not using a dating service or singles room or anything. We were both just hanging out online in a Christian chat room, and hit it off! For the first few weeks, we just chatted and emailed as friends. But then someone in the chat room accused us of being ‘joined at the hip’ and we were like, uh! You see, neither of us had previous relationships. We were both newbys at this dating thing, and to go for it online was completely outrageious.

But we prayed about it, sought wise council (all of whom probably thought we were both too chicken to actually meet or anything). Well, they were wrong! Scott flew up to Minnesota for Christmas that first year to meet me. I was a senior in high school, so flew down to see him over my spring break that March. In May, we met inbetween, and he wisked me away to North Carolina, where we lived (seperately!) until we were married!

We are now happily married 8 1/2 years later, and I can honestly say I am still madly in love with my husband! He still makes my heart race when I kiss him, and I still get those flutters in my stomach at times when he holds my hand! He is so cute! Granted, he is not without fault, but I then neither am I!

My husband is the most patient man you have met! He is a stay-at home dad with our 3 girls while I work, then works 2 jobs in the evenings and weekends to help us pay the bills. His dream is to be a song writer, and I am believing that if it is God’s will, he will make a way! He loves music, and his hobby is flying kites. (he just bought one this year that literally takes you off of the ground.. I fear going to the park one day and finding him up in the trees!)

Well, there is much more I could tell you about this wonderful man of mine, but since I am trying to keep this short, I will just end by saying that Scott Phillips loves Jesus! He is sold out for Christ and if for nothing else, I am eternally greatful to him for being the head of our house, and the spiritual leader! I know that I am always prayed for and loved my him, and couldn’t have been blessed with a better husband!