I’m tired.

So very very very very very tired.

In my quest to finish editing LOL:Mission Jack before I start back on my newest book, I’ve missed sleep, neglected my friend’s blogs for the most part, and eaten WAY too much food. (I’m a stress eater, and I eat when I don’t sleep)

So this is my formal apology to my fellow bloggees whose blogs I haven’t visited for a while. If it makes you feel better, I EVEN SKIPPED watching Bachelorette this week. I NEVER do that. (I still stick by my claim that I watch for pure research purposes….) In fact, I think Wes would make a GREAT antagonist in a story don’t you?

Hmmmm…. there is SO a story there.

Fellow writer Jody (waiving at you girl) wrote a few weeks ago on her own blog about “sacrifices” we make on our writing journey. The above have been my short-term sacrifices to make a self-inflicted goal. (Short-term meaning I WILL be watching my show next week… LOL)

I think we all, at some point, need to learn to “prioritize” and sacrifice in order to achieve our goals.

Discussion: What have you sacrificed lately to achieve a goal? Doesn’t have to be your writing goal, but any goals you set for yourself.



  1. Waving back at you! 🙂 Sounds like you've been pushing yourself really hard, Krista! I think we have periods where we have to do that, when the momentum is high. But then, hopefully, we can find that balance again. I'm just coming off another one of those high writing energy weeks. I had to write up some things for Rachelle, and so was under pressure and had to devote a lot of time to getting it done. (Hence my tweet about my son complaining about my writing!) But now I'm done, and even though I'll still sacrifice a lot in order to write, hopefully I can find some time to play a few board games with my son!

  2. I've actually been avoiding my MS up until last night. And then I was on vacation so I missed out on most blogs and only got to comment on one here and there. I felt totally out of the loop.

    No apologies necessary. I totally understand 🙂

  3. I think life happens in waves. Sometimes writing will take precedent, sometimes family, sometimes friends, sometimes our other jobs. It's all a great big balancing act, where sometimes one thing demands more attention than another, then switching to something else the next week.

    No problem about being tired and too busy to ocmment on blogs! I COMPLETEYY understand. 🙂

  4. Life always gets in the way for me! Annddd, I took am a stress eater and can't seem to get back on my WW plan right now!!! It makes me so mad at myself! But here is to a new day. May your fingers fly over the keyboard and my your tummy be satsified! 🙂

  5. I haven't sacrificed enough for my writing-or not enough time anyway.

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