I’ve thought a lot today about what I would post today.

Much within me wants to write scathing political blogs given the election next week. I am a HIGHLY political and opinionated person and this election is probably one of the most important ones I may ever vote in. On it is riding the future of our county. We’re on the crossroads that I never thought we would get to. Socialism, or not socialism… that is the question.

But I digress. You’ve probably all heard the good bad and ugly and a large majority of Americans already know who they are voting for. I would just urge you to pray about it and vote not for a good speaker, a veteren, someone who represents your views, or a political party.

Vote for the person God tells you to vote for. God has an opinion, and his is the most important.

And that’s all I’ll say about that.

This brings us to my song of the week. In honor of our country that stands in the balance, I chose those song by Michael W Smith. I was blessed to be a part of Michael’s church for 3 years, and was moved to tears by his heart for God on an almost weekly basis. It brought worship to an all new level.

I have so many favorite songs of his, but again, I think this one is needed today. Through it all, I STILL have faith that God has great things in store for our nation. We’ve slid farther from the truth everyday, but God is drawing us back, and though we may be battered, weak and hurting, we still stand. We are still one nation under God, indivisible, with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for all.



  1. There are quite a few blogs hitting the political opinions. But I thank you for yours, Turn to God, He’ll lead you…..That’s where we need to be.

    And that song…..wow. MWS is coming to our church in December….I can’t believe it.

    Hope you had a good Monday.

  2. Thanks for that song, Krista. Very touching.

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