Momma, the slacker


That is what I am!

Annabelle’s birthday was on Saturday and I was/am SUPER excited to post a blog with her birthday pics, but LA! Life can get away from me sometimes!

So alas, I haven’t gotten all the pictures uploaded yet, and I want it to be a SUPER special post, so it will be on Monday. *sniff* My baby is THREE!!! Seriously??? How can that be!

On a not so slacker note… Remember a few weeks ago when I noted that I was going on my not-quite-so-fat quest?

I’m pleased to announce that I’m down about 7 pounds or so since that point. That’s part of what has been taking up so much of my time! Between work and kiddos crazy summer schedules and trying to get to the gym as many days a week as I can… yeah. CRAZINESS!

But I’m super excited about my 7 pounds, especially since it took me below a certain number that I NEVER EVER EVER want to be over again for the rest of my life! Clothes are fitting more loosely… and I’m loving it! Not following some grandeur plan. Just trying to work out a lot more and eat less.

On a more serious note… Mommy made a massive medicine mistake the other night for Annabelle. We got it all fixed the next day per doctor’s recommendations, but I’m more than a little sick with frustration that I could have caused something to go wrong with her heart. Please pray with me that she will have no ill effects, and that Mommy can think clearly and not make VERY dumb mistakes again!!! I know I am human. I’ll make mistakes. But her meds are critical. I just… ugh. Giving myself some grace because I know I’d advise any other mother to do the same… but it is not easy:-/

Isn’t that odd? How sometimes it’s easy to forgive OTHERS for their mistakes… but it’s almost harder to forgive yourself?

Interesting thought to ponder today.