A writer friend of mine, Kaye, is having her 500th blog celebration this month. If you haven’t yet, head on over there (after you finish reading mine of course!) and read about how you can enter her contest to help her celebrate!

I am having a ‘milestone’ blog today myself! This is officially my 50th blog entry!! Thank you, Thank you, yes, you can keep your applause to a minimum *grin*

Given the name of my blog, “Refections by Krista, One Writer’s Dream”, I am going to do just that today.


I started this blog back in November 2007. I was just finishing up my first WIP and had no idea what I was doing. Not really anyway. I had no idea what was involved in the business or how to take the next step. I’d read a few books from the library on Christian Fiction writing, and had taken the huge step (in my opinion) of purchasing Sally Stuart’s Market Guide. I found *one* agency that accepted faxed query letters and on a whim faxed.

I never got a response:-)

I don’t blame them! How green I was! How green I probably still am…

Since then, I have sent one more serious proposal to an agent and was rejected (again, rightfully so). I have joined the ACFW and also joined our local MTCW group. What a blessing both have been! I have met so many people, so many talented writers that my head is still spinning. I have attended a writer’s retreat and had my first chapter critiqued by other writer’s for the first time. I have joined a critique group and let me writing be cut, skimmed, pureed, fried, scrambled, diced, chopped, seasoned and grilled. I have come out of this a much better writer with so much more to learn. If you were to read my original first draft, and it’s current state, it would be pretty laughable. But, my story stays intact, and that makes me feel good. That was the one thing I knew I had. My story. God gave me my story, and told me to work on how to write it.

I am trying to do just that!

Given the great amount of growing I have done in these first 50 blog posts, I am excited to see what the future holds!! I feel like this is my time capsole of sorts. In 50 more posts, I will look back and hopefully see another large growth spurt.

God is on the move, and I LOVE IT!!


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  1. Hi Krista —

    just stopping in to visit. Working to get a ms respresented, and then published, is worse than writing the darn thing in the first place! Good luck as you move ahead. I’d be happy to trade mss if you want 🙂

    Congratulations on your blog entries!


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