Monday always gets a bad rap.

“I’m having a Monday” is a phrase that I’ve personally used numerous times on any one of the seven days of the week.

So I thought we’d redeem Monday today.

Make it a little more “merry” by focusing on the good and not the bad.

My Monday is Merry because….

~~Annabelle is well enough to go to school! (I’m writing this the night before… and is depending on if we get the dusting of snow they are calling for or not!)~~
~~My in-laws are visiting, and can I just say? I was blessed with some great ones! So thankful for them!~~
~~Even though I have a dentist appointment that is not-so-merry, I’m choosing to BE Merry because I’m blessed with dental insurance so I can have issues taken care of instead of letting my teeth rot. So cheers for not needing dentures!~~
~~God answered a huge prayer for me this weekend, something my hubby and I have been praying about for quite some time. Very thankful for His direction and guidance.~~
~~It’s BACHELOR and CASTLE night~~

~~It’s CHD Awareness week. While I HATE CHD, I love working together with other heart parents to raise awareness~~

What about you? What things made/are making your Monday Merry?



  1. Did Castle come on? I did not find it last night. So glad you are having a Happy Monday. Happy Birthday to Scott!

  2. Good thing you have your dental insurance. It might be frightening to face your dentist, but you need to do so to maintain healthier teeth. How’s the checkup, by the way? Hope you really won't need to have dentures. 🙂
    Gerald Regni

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