Well, Scott got in around 1 a.m. from his first “day” on the job. His phone had died, so I’d spent the last few hours worrying (uh, sorry, concerned!) about him because he’d thought it would get done around 9. Alas, he wasn’t finished until midnight!

I did find out, once I was able to talk to him (keep in mind they had called him and said, be here in an hour, yesterday morning) that this is a purely, at the moment, temp position. Might last a few weeks to a month. There is a very small possibility of staying longer and it turning into permanent, but at this point, we are to treat this purely as temporary because that is what it’s looking like.

So, while this helps in the short-term for our finances, continued prayer for a permanent, full-time, benefit wielding position for my husband is greatly appreciated! (preferably one that isn’t a 45 minute drive away… but we are trusting God that He knows exactly what we need, and if it means a season of “traveling” to work, then so be it.)

Annabelle seems to be doing better. No more blood in her stool that I can see. I can tell her digestive system still isn’t right though. I won’t go into detail!

Thanks again for your prayers!!! Hope you all have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!!!



  1. Praying, Krista. Have a good weekend.:)

  2. God bless you all, Krista! Praying that the new job works out for your husband.

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