I decided to delay Christmas cookie baking this year. Instead of doing the first part of the month and then eating them all way to fast and having to make more for various “events” later in the month, I decided that this year we would wait until the weekend before Christmas.

This way, I don’t spend the month chowing down and gaining 20 pounds in cookies.

But my kids are threatening to derail my plans.

It seriously feels like every day I’ve either gotten an email from some activity or class they are a part of, asking for everyone to bring something to some party…

Or my daughter comes home and announces that she has “volunteered” me to bring cookies AND brownies to a party.

I informed her that she would most likely have to live with store-bought cookies, and this did NOT please her.


So, we might be whipping out the ol’ christmas baking earlier than I had planned!

What do we bake, you might ask?

Well, we have the class Phillips’ family Chocolate caramel filled sugar cookies.

Then we have crunchy chocolate covered peanut butter balls.

And one mustn’t forget the traditional sugar cookies with my kids stellar decorating skills displayed.

We also like to make oreo truffles if we have time, and have a fun chocolate snowy-white crescent cookie that we started making that is pretty yummy!

What about you? What are the famous family cookie traditions in YOUR house?



  1. Hi there
    Your cookies sound fabulous!
    The favorites in our house are good ol' Peanut Blossoms (The peanut butter cookies with the chocolate kiss in the middle), and almond crescents rolled in confectioners sugar.

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Oh yes! I made the PB ones once! Yum!

      And your Almond crescents sound much like our chocolate ones!

  2. Krista,
    Please post your recipe for the Chocolate caramel filled sugar cookies, anything with caramel is good! I made the Rudolph Red M&M Reindeer cookies -(peanut butter cookie). I need to find time to bake!
    Merry Christmas,

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