My goodness! How fun is it to celebrate mistletoe with our “kissing” scenes!

I deliberated greatly over which kissing scene to post. The two I REALLY wanted came too late in their stories, and I think would have given away a little too much, so decided against it. Must make sure my readers are kept in suspense, right?

So, I chose an “almost” kissing scene from the book I’ve just started back working on. (I’m about 1/3rd of the way done… and have LOTS of revision to do!)

A little backstory for this book, otherwise you’ll be confused.

The heroine is pregnant after a period of rebellion from God, but after her break-up with her fiancee, she realized just how far from Jesus she’d gotten. She’s in the process of reconciling and figuring out just where she fits in and, more than anything, figuring out how to forgive herself.

Enter Peter, a youth pastor whose wife died a few years ago. (there’s a whole hilarious story about how they meet… but that isn’t needed for this part and well, that’s a huge part of the plot, so you’ll just have to read the book someday!) Anyway, his wife was with child when she died, and to say the least, kids are very important to him.

Upon meeting Paige, Peter feels very responsible for her, that God has called him to help her reconcile to Him. He swears he doesn’t have feelings for her… but as the following scene shows… Well, I’ll just let you read it. Just know that Paige is about 25 weeks pregnant or more… and currently they are in Peter’s office at the church where they’ve just shared a sack lunch (she works in the preschool at the church as a summer fill-in teacher)

Okay, enough backstory, on to the kissing scene!

LOL: Mission Peeps

“I…I have to go.”

Peter stood with her. “But you didn’t finish.”

“I’m not hungry anymore.”

“Are you embarrassed?”

Wasn’t he just a genius. “I didn’t mean to say those things. I just, I guess God and I have some unfinished business and—” Try as she did, she wasn’t able to stop the tears that escaped.

Peter took her hand and pulled her to him, then wrapped his arms around her. She laid her head on his shoulder, her tears soaking his light blue t-shirt. His strong arms formed a protective barrier not only around her body, but her heart as well. She returned the hug, lifting her arms from her side to his back, feeling the ripple of muscles under his shirt.

She squeezed him tighter, every inch of her needing the comfort of his warm body against her. She needed to feel loved. Completed. Whole. She lifted her head and looked into his eyes.

Sharp stabs of disappointment attacked her heart. She’d expected to see the passion and longing that she’d experienced, but instead his eyes were wide, showing bewilderment instead. So much for the kiss she’d been hoping for. “Peter?”

He gulped. “I felt him.”

Paige scrunched up her brow. “Felt who?”

He set her away from him an inch and looked down to her belly.

Oh. That Who. “He’s starting to move a little more every day.”

His eyes were glued on her protruding stomach, a wide-eyed look of wonder on his face.

She raised an eyebrow. “Do you want to feel?”

Peter’s gaze returned to her. “Would you mind? I mean, I know it’s not cool to go around asking to touch women’s stomachs but…”

She took his hands and placed them on either side of her belly. The timing was perfect, because Baby Andrews chose that moment to shift his position, sending a sliver of movement across her middle.

“Did you feel that?”

He smiled at her and nodded. “I did. It’s amazing.” His hands moved on her belly, rubbing gently. The gesture was so good, so protective, so right. He slid his hands around to her side and stepped closer, his lips only a breath away.

He was going to kiss her. She closed her eyes and waited for the touch of his lips.

Someone cleared their throat at the door, causing Peter to withdraw as if he’d been stung by the mother of all bumble bees.

Paige turned and saw Pastor John leaning against the door jam, his hands in his pockets, a concerned frown on his face.

****End of Chapter****

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  1. Darn- I wanted them to kiss so bad! This is a page turner for sure. Go ahead, turn the page!

    Great reading, Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh – that's great! Peter seems like such a winner. What a great guy. I'm always a sucker for those tender-hearted heroes!

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    Thanks for sharing it!

  5. Krista!!! I love, love, love "almost" kissing scenes and you rock at it!!! Sigh…I'm going to sigh alot today, I can tell…I really wanted to slam the door in the Pastor's face and tell them to get it on! lol I can't wait to read your book someday soon!!

    Thanks for making this such a fun day!

  6. I like Peter's line about knowing it's not cool to go around touching women's stomachs.

    ~ Wendy

  7. Merry Christmas and GOD BLESS!

  8. *swoon* I'm with Sherrinda. Slam the door in that guy's face. The audacity! That was great. Catching my breath and moving on to another post.

  9. Oh, what a sweet scene!

    Ha! And I loved how she felt like she got stung by the Mother of all bees. LOL!

  10. I love a man who goes all gushy inside about babies. 😀

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  13. Great scene! I love the idea too-very sweet.

  14. Good scene. My children break up my kissing scenes all the time 🙂

  15. ha! the mother of all bumble bees! love that line. great job, krista. 🙂

    Where Romance Meets Therapy

  16. Awww… I feel kind of bad for them that they were interrupted! Thanks for sharing this scene!

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  18. OK. I really want to read you work! I love your premiss and I love the tension and the fact you have humor in your novel totally wins me over!! Really god job!

  19. Ha! Krista, this is awesome! Such a great scene! Thanks for sharing it.

  20. Awww. That was so sweet. I loved it.

  21. Loved it! And it sounds like an awesome story, Krista! I just can't wait for all of these stories I'm reading to day to be in print! What fun it will be to buy and read all of my friends' books!

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    Susan 🙂

  28. Wow, Krista! I've decided I don't like Kissing Blogfest anymore. You guys are all great big teases! Obviously, I'm kidding. I've read some great scenes today. And I've wanted to read more of every one. I loved this one. What a great sounding story you have here.


    This is great!

    Jenni James

  30. As always, I'm awed by your talent!

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