We talked about being “all in” for Jesus at church yesterday. About not just being a “fan” of Jesus but being a “follower.”

Then at small group, due to schedule and illness, we had a VERY small group and decided to have a little fun by putting a little life lesson into the sermon…

Yup, we played Texas Hold ’em.

We were super high rollers too. Buy in was $0,000.00.


The picture was 100% for the benefit of our pastor, to show him how well we listen in church! He has to be so proud…

And the end of service, we sang one of my (many) favorite songs.

It’s God saying these words to us…

Come away with me
It’s never too late
It’s not too late for you
I have a plan for you
It’s gonna be wild
it’s gonna be great
it’s gonna be full of me.

I think it affected me so much because it’s like God’s direct answer to the cry of my heart lately.

“God, I’m ready Lord. Life seems to be in this crazy shift of unknown right now, and I just want to say, I trust you, God. I trust that you have a plan for me. That I haven’t ruined it with my own crazy plans. That it isn’t too late. Lord, my plans are so tame compared to yours. So limited. But yours, Jesus… I have a feeling yours is gonna be a little on the wild side. A little past my comfort zone. But oh-so great. And full of YOU, God. May my life be full of YOU Jesus, and may my life give YOU glory, Jesus. I’m ready, Lord. Let’s rock this.”

Maybe my prayer is a bit unconventional.

But God has not called us to be stagnant. He hasn’t called us to warm a pew and as our pastor said, be “fans” of Jesus, but to be radical, 100% “in” followers of God. To lay down our own lives and go on the wild ride that is being a follower of the almighty God.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m all in. It’s gonna be wild, y’all. It’s gonna be great. And it’s gonna be FULL of Jesus.

Jesus Culture – Come Away (Official Music Video) from jesus-culture on GodTube.


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  1. Our church just finished Not a Fan. Eye-opening approach when I had to determine if I wanted to be a fan or a follower. Sometimes fear holds me back, but faith in action is moving forward in spite of those fears.

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