No, I am not pregnant.

No, I did not give birth!

You’ve guessed it. Yet another political blog.

I promise I will get off my political kick… ohhh, sometime in November:-) Just kidding!

Would be curious though as to everyone’s view of the Republican VP pick. Are you a democrat and just don’t care as long as Obama beats McCain? As a dem, do you think this will help or hurt Obama’s chances? If you are a rep, do you care? Are you excited or irritated at the pick? If you are undecided, does this change anything? Are you excited at the thought of a woman VP or do you think it is a scary thought? Did this pick change anyone’s mind from one side or the other (either rep to dem or visa versa)?

Again, I pretty much love discussions on politics. As long as we are all nice about it:-) It is fun to hear other’s opinions outside of political analysts on TV. I like to hear what REAL people think. (but just keep it civil… we need to love on each other regardless of our political affiliations…)

Also, I thinking that a political book would be fun. Hmmm, a political romantic comedy! How hilarious would THAT be!?! Anyone wanna co-author? It would be TONS of fun… *grin*


  1. I was super-excited when I learned of McCain’s pick. Finally–a real person, who happens to reflect my values. I have a whole new excitement now!

  2. Not sure. I don’t kno wenough about her to make an opinion yet.

    Either way, it is not the most historic election ever.

  3. Ok, I can’t help it anymore.

    Yes, I am a republican. How did you guess??? *grin*

    Jeff, I agree, there were other just as historic elections. This one will rate up there though. Personal opinion regarding that? If we are all about equality for all men, then who gives a rip the color and gender of the person running for president.

    I don’t think we should vote republican just becase there is a woman on the ticket, nor should people vote democrat just because there is a black guy (or partly anyway…) on the ticket.

    Vote the issues. And that’s all I’ll say about that:-)

  4. I was really happy about McCain’s pick. And yes, I agree with georgiana’s post (7:39am) — A Real Person.

    That’s true! I’m so excited about it.

    I guess right, you’re a republican. What do I win? Just kidding.

    Thanks for the posts, Krista.

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