Many of you who read this blog are experiencing the same nail-biting suspense as I am. But…. the end is near! The ACFW Genesis finalists should be announced in the next two days! Am I the only one checking my e-mail non-stop and gripping my phone like it was a life-preserver in the middle of the Pacific Ocean?!?

I know it’s been a tough year for the Genesis, and my hat goes completely off and into the air for the people running the show. I know a lot of time and effort has been put into pulling it off, and wow, I for one appreciate each and every judge and coordinator! Y’all rock!

So, I’d just like to say, my blog is open for the next few days to comment on anything Genesis. If/When you get your call, COME SHARE WITH US! We promise to be happy for you and not envious… (okay fine, we’ll be just a tad green, but we’ll get over it!)

Seriously! Even if I don’t final, I’m so excited for those who do!!! We want to rejoice with you! And if you don’t and need to commiserate with someone, come here too. There are bound to be a few kindred spirits in the same boat:-)

And, while we wait… Here’s a discussion point. What do you hope to get out of the Genesis this year…besides the obvious point of finaling?

Also, what other contests have you entered??? Good experiences or bad? (If they are bad, please still be nice and respectful!!!)



  1. Hi Krista,
    I feel the strain too! But I was able to spend an hour or more last night (during my insomnia) just praying. So this morning I really feel more at peace about my writing and letting God lead me in it, instead of me just pushing forward where I want to go!

    As I’ve been watching the email rounds and listening to the chatter, I’ve been amazed that the judging was still going on this week. They must have really had some bumps this year. And it got me thinking how hard it must be for the coordinators. I don’t envy them, but I DO appreciate all their work even more!

    I hope you do well, Krista! You’ve worked hard and should be proud of yourself no matter what!

  2. Jody, VERY GOOD that you were able to spend some time with God about the matter! I think the biggest thing he’s been telling me lately is that HE is in control so I need to stop my fretting. If I don’t final, then he has a reason and I need to be content with it. It isn’t the end of my writing career. (although I’ve reminded him a little that at this point in the game, I could SURE use another pick me up/confirmation!)

    Yes, I’ve been amazed at the judges/coordinators too! Such wonderful people to go to so much trouble for us.

    I hope you do well too!! God knows the desires of our heart and he knows what should happen. Let’s just trust him and EAGERLY wait on him to answer instead of frettfully (which I admit…I’ve been doing!)

  3. I’m not entered, but I hope YOU hear some good news!

  4. As I am incredibly new to the whole scene, I don’t even know what you are talking about! BUT I do wish both you and Jody good luck!

    I’ve only entered one contest thus far. It was “book in a nutshell” where I had to summarize my book into 3 sentences and 150 words or less. I did not win, but it was fun trying.

  5. Jennifer, thanks!!!

    Marybeth, Genesis is the premier writing contest for unpublished authors (in christian fiction). Okay, I think it premier, I know there are other really good ones too! But anyway,it is put on annually by the ACFW and this is my first time entering!

    I entered a similar contest last year, and received GREAT feedback and made tons of changes, so I’m really excited to see what the scores are in comparison. Of course, I’d be on top of the world if I finaled too!

    They choose 5 finalists (by tomorrow) for each of the genre catagories, then at the annual ACFW conference in September, they will announce the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place winners in each catagory.

    Plus, the judges for the final round are all agents/editors, so it’s a good chance to get your stuff to the top of the file, not to mention that your name and book title are listed in front of a room full of people in the publishing industry.

    Jody, if you have anything to add, please do! *grin*

  6. Would like to issue a HUGE reflectionsbykrista congratulations to JODY who not only finaled… but DOUBLE finalled in the Genesis!!


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